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Massive support for Padayon

Padayon Pilipino .

THE Padayon Pilipino political party strengthened its grip as the leading political party in Misamis Oriental and Cagayan de Oro City following the endorsement-proclamation of Hugpong ng Pagbabago (HMP) chairperson Davao Mayor Sara Duterte. The Presidential daughter raised the hands of Gov. Bambi Emano and vice gubernatorial bet Prexy Elipe during the HNP rally that was witnessed by a huge crowd of over 5,000 people at the Lugod Gymnasium in Gingoog City on April 5, 2019.

Aside from Emano and Elipe, the presidential daughter also endorsed the Padayon Pilipino provincial board candidates. Even before the endorsement by Mayor Sara, the massive support for Padayon Pilipino candidates for the first and second districts in Misamis Oriental has already been established.

Emano said that the endorsement of Sara Duterte has galvanized the support of the Misamisnons for the Padayon Pilipino candidates. He believes that being the presidential daughter, Mayor Sara Duterte’s endorsement is considered as President Rodrigo Duterte’s endorsement as well.

“Any support thrown by President Duterte to both national and local candidates has a positive impact,” a rally participant said.

Duterte endorses only candidates who have not been accused of corruption. The President has publicly scorned corrupt public officials who continue to hold elective office.

In his speeches, Duterte clarifies there is not much difference if an elected official has yet to be convicted of graft charges, someone who is facing dozens of pending graft cases in court. In other words, the President considers public officials who are facing anti-graft charges in court as corrupt.

Emano personally thanked Sara Duterte because her endorsement serves as a symbol of trust and confidence of President Duterte in the Padayon Pilipino candidates.

He said that the party will continue its commitment to serve the less fortunate constituents, guided by the principle of public accountability and transparency.

As governor for almost six years, Emano’s administration has delivered close to two million services to thousands of people in the province and even Cagayan de Oro City, regardless of political biases, through his Misamis Oriental Care System (Misorcares) health program. The political detractors are envious of the Misorcares because it has truly provided free health services to the poor. In fact, the concept of the Universal Health Care that the national government has now adopted is closely related to that of the Misorcares.

Emano said that the people of Misamis Oriental will be able to benefit more in terms of poverty alleviation, employment opportunities, and economic progress with the Padayon Pilipino bets as the caretaker of the provincial government.

In his campaign speeches, Emano would always appeal to the people to support the candidacy of the Padayon Pilipino candidates to enable Misamis Oriental to smoothly move forward in the coming years.

He also exhorted the Misamisnons to support senatorial candidates from other political parties who are officially endorsed by Padayon Pilipino.

Padayon Pilipino candidates in Misamis Oriental are: Governor: #1 Emano, Yevgeny Vincente, Vice Govenor: #1 Elipe, President “Prexy”

1st District: Congressman: #4 Unabia, Christian Board Members: #3 Dumadag, Bebing; #5 Khu, Erik; #7 Militante, Win; #9 Pelaez, Enteng; and #11 Uyguangco, Ken. 2nd District: Congressman: #2 Benaldo, Benjo #1 Acain, Panky; #3 Emano, Saysay; #4 Madjos, Nancy; #9 Sabal, Boboy; and #11 Yasay, Dexter.

In Cagayan de Oro City, the coalition Padayon Pilipino/Centrist Democratic Party candidates are City Mayor: #3 La Viña, Pompee Vice Mayor: #1 Emano, Vicente 1st District: Congressman: #1 Acenas, Caesar Ian Councilors: #2 Abbu, Jose Pepe; #3 Acenas, Ronald; #4 Bacal, Alden; #6 Barba, Adrian; #18 Legaspi, Al Sr.; #21 Navarro, Meneleo; #23 Pajo, Dante; #27 Suan, Lordan.

2nd District: Congressman: #2 Rodriguez, Rufus Councilors: #1 Acenas, Jun; #6 Dacer, Alexander; #10 Gan, Leon; #11 Gumahad, Adonis; #12 Judith, James; #18 Roa, Nanette; #19 Rodriguez, Bebot; #21 Tabor, Ramon.

(Loui Maliza is a staff member at the capitol’s press office.)


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