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By Netnet Camomot

ON Saturday, had someone asked me, Net, nganong bilar man ka? I would have replied with, Kay nagtagad ko nga makadaog ug TV set.

That raffle grand prize and the singing contest were the highlights of Cagayan de Oro Press Club’s (COPC) 68th-anniversary celebration last Friday night where members had a pleasant surprise: some of our co-members could sing!

The singing contest had three categories: centennial, millennial, and in denial. Hehe.

The grand champions for the centennial/millennial and women categories were Mindanao Gold Star Daily Associate Editor Cong Corrales and DxCC-RMN anchor/newswriter Aiza Michelle Mesias-Enloran, respectively. Had they decided to sing for the rest of the night, we would have gladly listened while waiting for the emcees to announce the winners of the three TV sets.

Well, I went home with no TV set but with an umbrella. Better luck next time.

COPC always manages to invite a band to perform for its special occasions, and this time, the anniversary had Cagayan Electric Power and Light Company’s “Mighty Band.” In case you don’t get the sense of humor behind the name, Mighty Bond is a glue brand. But I’m not sure if that’s how the Mighty Band thought of its name.

If I were as talented as Cong and Aiza, this could be my song: “I don’t care who you are/Where you’re from/What you did.”

Backstreet Boys’ “As Long As You Love Me” can also be the theme song for Misamis Oriental Gov. Bambi Emano’s lease contract with Rhea Ritzie P. Nueva for the stalls and stores on the streets and sidewalks around the provincial capitol.

Nueva remains a mystery to the Cagayanon who wants to know the truth and nothing but the truth about her. If ever someone will present herself as Nueva, complete with documents to prove—or disprove—her identity crisis, the rent from the tenants could go to her. Aguy. Daghan gyud moapas ani nga possibility. The proof is in the pudding indeed.

At least one of those tenants is a drugstore right across the Northern Mindanao Medical Center, and that store may soon have lower prices for medicines once President Rody Duterte issues an executive order for such a Christmas gift to those who have maintenance meds.

The Department of Health wants to lower the prices of medicines, and the Pharmaceutical and Health-care Association of the Philippines has offered to lower drug prices. Health Secretary Francisco Duque III, however, said, “They may be willing to cut down their prices but they admitted during our meeting that they cannot control how the retailers will structure their pricing.” Oh. That’s one good news that immediately morphed into oh-my-God news.

Much like what happened to the tourist who finally arrived in Venice, Italy, only to find the city flooded. Venice has canals and water buses instead of streets and cars. For the city to be flooded, that’s water pa more.

So, did it rain in Venice? Was there a super typhoon? A tsunami? None of the above.

The cause of flooding: highest tide.

Not a high tide nor a higher tide. Let’s go for the highest tide. And, of course, climate change. But even before climate change became a trending topic, Venice already experienced its highest tide ever at 1.94 meters way back in 1966. That’s even higher than this most recent 1.87 meters.

If you’re tired of learning about the Pinoy politician’s hard habit to break—graft and corruption—Venice is also said to be in the same dire straits with the 78 gates that were planned to be built in 2003 to protect the city from floods. The project eventually morphed from good news to oh-my-God news, too, as it’s allegedly tainted with corruption. 16 years later, and here’s Venice under more water than the usual. Thus, the tourist wasn’t feeding pigeons at St. Mark’s Square where he waded through floodwater. Yay.

Hong Kong is another place the tourist may avoid for now as it continues to deal with extradition bill protests. If the last time you watched or read the news was seven months ago in March 2019 when the protests started, you’ll probably ask, Wa pa diay na mahuman? Ah, wala pa. There’s the Energizer Bunny again—it keeps going and going and going, causing sleepless nights for Hong Kong residents, and the tourists who still dare visit the region despite the protests.


About Netnet Camomot

Netnet Camomot once edited a society page and covered society stories for another newspaper. She has long been writing about the lighter side of anything under the sun, including pressing issues of the day, with a touch of humor.

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