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Hi! My name is Maia and you’re going to be journeying with me every Friday here at Urban Life. I’m going to talk about a lot of things that, hopefully, many of you can relate with: relationships, likes and dislikes, movies and TV shows, theater, books, music, fashion, technology, fears and expectations, triumphs and losses, education, and basically everything that life has to offer.


Since this is my first appearance on UL, I’d like to use this opportunity to tell you a little bit about myself. I believe that this is the best way to start our journey together – you getting to know me behind all the words, thoughts, and ideas I will dish out every week. I believe that this will somehow help us connect to and relate with each other better.


I grew up here in Cagayan de Oro, in a big house along Corrales Avenue that we used to call the white house (where The Hungry Plate and P.O.P.S. et al now stand). I used to be quiet; not shy, just quiet. I dreaded being in the limelight, so I often hid behind my writings.


I started writing poetry in high school (Liceo de Cagayan University), where I also began to develop my interest in theater. My late mother, Maria Soledad “Chic” Nery-Fortich, was the one who influenced me. I would often accompany her to meetings and activities with Bai Lawanen Jaycees, which greatly helped in shaping the thoughts, ideas, and feelings that I put into my writings.


In 1986, we moved to Metro Manila. I finished my college education there at St. Joseph’s College, Quezon City. I took up Mass Communication. In between my studies, I assisted my mom in her work as a writer/columnist for Philippine Daily Inquirer. I got to meet a lot of celebrities since she did celebrity sketches for PDI. My mom, who suffered from two eyeelated diseases, was already around 95% blind at that time.


After graduating from college in 1991, I continued writing and became a regular contributor to Mr. & Ms. Magazine. I also became a staff writer for a glossy women’s magazine called Eve/Eternal Woman.  I’ve likewise written a novelette (in English) for a local publisher in Quezon City. Too bad I don’t have a copy of it!


I worked in various offices and companies from 1991 to 1997 – but the only constant thing in my life was writing. And up to this day, it is one of the constants I deeply treasure.


Anyway, in 1998, I moved back here to Cagayan de Oro and started teaching at Philippine Southfield School. I stayed there for eight years. Writing was a big part of my journey as a teacher.


At present, I work as an online writer for various clients while also blogging about the many beautiful things CDO has to offer. I am also quite active in theater courtesy of our group, Oro Teatro Bulawanon. I teach theater to senior high school students at Liceo U. And I am a part of Geek Wars, a group of friends that regularly organizes trivia events for trivia aficionados here in the city.


I hope you’ll journey with me as I continue to explore all the wonderful things life gives us. I’ll talk about a lot of stuff that are familiar to you and some that may be new or unfamiliar to you. I’ll also share experiences that I’ve gathered from my different “trips” in life. I hope you’ll spare some of your time for my stories.

I’ll start the first chapter next Saturday. So see you again here on MimaiScribbles!


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Maia Poblete

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