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Mintugsok Falls

Yes, summer is here! Have any adventures planned out? We’ve got the answer.

The UL Team discovered this hidden gem in Cagayan de Oro City, which is a very good summer idea for outdoor enthusiasts. It is a series of waterfalls in the central point of Indahag and Malasag Mountains. To some it is known as Mintugsok Falls — however it is called Mapawa Falls to nearby residents. This gem has free falling cold waters that came from the two rivers of Malasag Mountains and Libona. It has a relaxing vibe of a well-preserved nature. You’ll also get to enjoy 7 waterfalls as you go along.

The view of this waterfall is enough to revitalize your body, mind and soul. It is probably the cheapest adventure you can do here in the city.


Mapawa Seven Falls can easily be reached in two ways, either by trail hiking and river trekking from Indahag or a walking trail from Mapawa Nature Park that is easier and accessible by motorcycle. The UL Team chose Indahag to experience a trail hiking, but mind you it is not that easy because of the slippery paths. That is why wear shoes with rubber soles for hiking, or trail sandals. Avoid slippery slippers or shoes. This is one way to help your feet hold on to slick soil and stones. The river trek will consume 45 minutes to 1 hour before you will enjoy the waterfall.


How To Get There?

One is to ride a “habal-habal” in Cogon or in Gusa “Galaxy”, the second is to ride a multicab to indahag and stop at Barangay Indahag’s basketball court (Note: this is also where you will need to go for your return journey home). Habal-habal ride cost us around 50 to 70 pesos per head — depending on how you negotiate and this is the fastest way to get to the starting point.

On the other hand, a Multicab ride would only cost you 30 pesos back and forth; however you have a long walk ahead of you from the starting point in Phil-Estate road.

Base on our experience it would be best to ride a habal-habal, it’s fast and efficient. Trust us; you’ll need all the energy you have for a long trek ahead of you.

However, there is a very-very easy way down and it’s also fun and scary at the same time. You can call in advance the Mapawa Oging at 0905-034-8338 they are a horse ranch that provides pick-up and drop-off service to thrill seekers at a price of Php100/trip. They would wait for you at the starting point and guide you down safely towards Sitio Mintugsok.


Explore more in Misamis Oriental and watch out for our next UL Trip. Have a vibrant day!





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