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Motorela groups hail Lao body for green light on P1-fare hike

AN alliance of 10 motorela associations in the city have lauded the city council’s public utlitities committee for supporting their move to increase the minimum motorela fare in the city by P1.

In a statement, Sonny Hinosolango, lead convenor of Alyansa MP3 or Makatarunganong usbaw-Pletehan alang sa Pamilya ug Pasahero lauded the committee chaired by Councilor Teodulfo Lao Jr. for supporting the call for a P1-fare increase.

“Sa tinuoray lang dili unta kami gusto nga mopataas sa pletehan kay mananakay man pud ang among pamilya apan napugos kami tungod kay nagpabiling ubos ang among kita, samtang misirit nag taas ang palaliton, spare parts uban pa tungod sa Train Law,” Hinosolango explained.

Lao’s committee held a series of public hearings on Alyansa MP3’s petition for a fare increase for almost two months. In its last public hearing, the committee reached a consensus to give the request for a fare increase a green light.

A case study by the alliance shows that for eight consecutive years (based on the P6 regular fare), a motorela driver’s average income is from P200 to P300 for 10 hours to 12 hours of work. According to Ibon Facts and Figures, the daily cost of living for a family of six is currently pegged at P1,171.

However, a driver needs to have 134 passengers to be able to reach a gross income of P800. The motorela rental (P250), fuel for the day (P300), the driver’s food, and other expenses will then have to be deducted from the driver’s gross income.

“Gusto pud namo nga mabuhi. Mao kanay esensya sa increase nga P1. Buot pasabot P7(regular),  P6 (special privilege –senior, students, pwd), P3 (bata) aron madugangan man lang og P100 ang kita sa mga driver. Maka-discount gihapun ang seniors, estudyante, PWD kay apil kana sa among gitagad ug balaod naman pud kana,” Hinosolango said. (cbc)


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