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No dictatorship lasts forever

Ric Maulion

HAVING dipped his finger into the history of infamy of dictators by painting the entire archipelago red, President Duterte’s fate would likely be determined by the International Criminal Court. He now stands not far from officially becoming the ruthless butcher of Asia because he has been carving a niche for himself as dictator, somewhat like the Hitler of Asia given the number of EJKs that took place.

Now, the international prosecutor would officially start a preliminary “examination” into the killing sprees. In the end, it’s either he would be found innocent or get convicted as a certified butcher along with his cohorts who played deaf and blind to the twisted “war on drugs”.

My understanding is that the “examination” has yet to start but it seems the suspect is already disoriented, perhaps, because he sees the inevitable, and so, he tells the ICC that it can sentence him to die via firing squad the way the Spaniards did to Rizal.

Apparently, Fentanyl, has taken a toll and has overwhelmed this man. And so he “ordered” soldiers to just shoot female communist rebels in their vagina, something that did not sit well with women’s groups.

The accusation of crime against humanity is something that could put him in the league of Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Polpot, etc.. And let’s not forget Marcos’s contribution — the Brown Shirts who were responsible for summary executions, tortures and forced disappearances.

“My God I hate drugs” resulted in indiscriminate killings. Utok pulbura just did it, forcing the issue through the barrel of a gun without carefully taking into account other variables like poverty. What else if not poverty? The problem is, his answer to this is “Magtiis kayo…!”

Part of the problem is his partisan view of the problem that gives no value to human life.

Nene Pimentel has voiced out his categorical stand against EJKs. It’s simply reprehensible pure and simple! I am not surprised that Pimentel would say this given his record as a practicing Christian — he cannot just turn a blind eye to the indiscriminate killings.

Incidentally, this destruction of life is a new culture or a phenomenon pervading among Filipinos today because of the endorsements by the army of certified bootlickers, self-proclaimed messiahs, trolls and blind and rabid partisans.

You can view their social media posts, showing the “accomplishments” of the Big Boss and extolling him to the high heavens like the present occupant of Malacanang is so far the best President ever. Wow, hah!

How can we even think of embarking on a “Build, Build, Build” program when we do not “build” the very people our officials vowed to serve and protect? People are our greatest national resources. If we don’t respect the sanctity of life, then expect more suffering.

Should the “preliminary examination” by the international prosecutor progress, I see the victory of humanity in the end.

We’ve been through Marcos and his martial law. What happened was no mean feat for the Filipino people. And now, we are seeing the same affront on human lives being reprised.

It’s better for the President to heed the lessons of history that there is no way that dictatorship can thrive forever.


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