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Oro water district, partners hold tree planting activity

Representatives of Vitens Evides International and the Cagayan de Oro Water District (COWD), together with their Ridge to Coast Rain to Tap Project Partners namely Hineleban Foundation Inc., Bukidnon IP Advisory Council, Kaliwawa, Salawagan, Talaandig Tribal Agricultural Cooperative, Wetlands International and the Cagayan de Oro River Basin Management Council, teamed up for a tree planting activity recently at the Kasatatriaco Community Site in Lirongan, Talakag Bukidnon. Around 2,000 Calliandra seedlings were planted on the 1.2 -hectare site.

PARTNERS. Participants of the tree planting activity hosted by the Cagayan de Oro Water District pose for posterity after planting about 2,000 Calliandra seedlings on a 1.2-hectare site. Supplied photo.

Calliandra cabthyrsus is a small, leguminous tree with characteristic pink flowers and thrives in the area. Calliandra grows relatively fast and its economic benefits can be realized in the first year after planting. The tree can produce fodder continuously for more than 10 years. It can be grown in various sites on the farm since it does not compete much with crops growing adjacent to it, as long as it is properly managed to reduce the shading effect.

There are at least six good reasons for growing calliandra in your farm:

1. High-quality fodder supplement for livestock

2. Soil fertility improvement

3. Stabilizing soils and water conservation structures

4. Seed production and bee forage

5. Fuelwood

6. Stakes for climbing beans and tomatoes

Vitens Evides International, an international venture of six Dutch water companies active in 22 countries, has partnered with COWD for the Sustainable Water Supply in the Cagayan de Oro River Basin Project. (pr)


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