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Padayon offers program, rivals offer nothing

Padayon Pilipino .

THE Padayon Pilipino political party’s commitment to serve the people of Misamis Oriental has grown stronger amid attacks of the political opponents.

The efforts of its political rivals to frustrate the Padayon Pilipino fashioned the invincibility of the party’s candidates in the political battlefield. There is no denying that its political opponents have hired “rabid dogs” whose mission is to carry out a smear campaign in a bid to deceive the people of Misamis Oriental.

There are paid hacks in the air lanes who vilify the Padayon Pilipino candidates as dictated by desperate political rivals. Its political opponents are paying the mercenaries in the air lanes in order to get the sympathy of the voters. Unfortunately, the voters of Misamis Oriental have known the paid hacks that even their own political financiers do not believe them at all.

The voters of Misamis Oriental know that the political candidates who pay the mercenaries on air are corrupt. The future of Misamis Oriental would be darker as the storm cloud once corrupt public officials are elected to office.

A town official also hinted about an elected member of the House of Representatives who reportedly gags investors to be able to strike business deals. The representative, along with a partner, is planning to gain control of all the businesses in Misamis Oriental. Both of them are now running for elective posts in the province.

Misamis Oriental Gov. Bambi Emano said the people of Misamis Oriental know the intentions of Padayon Pilipino. The Padayon Pilipino and its elected public officials are proud of their political history as the true servants of the people. He clarified that he would not go down to the level of the political adversaries who thrive on personal destruction, and that Padayon Pilipino candidates are interested only in presenting the political party’s platform of government to the people of Misamis Oriental.

“In the absence of a concrete platform of government, our political rivals are resorting to defaming the Padayon Pilipino candidates. On the contrary, the intention of the Padayon Pilipino candidates is to focus on their program of government in line with the party’s mission to alleviate the social well-being of the Misamisnons,” Emano said.

With the Padayon Pilipino candidates running the affairs of the local government, the Misamisnon is assured of employment opportunities, free education, and free health services. Right from the start, the people of Misamis Oriental are aware that the Padayon Pilipino continues to engage in programs intended to improve the lives of the less fortunate.

“We have sponsored about 20,000 scholars, many of them have graduated from college and are now gainfully employed,” Emano said during the 12th anniversary of “Iskolar ko ni Bambi” in February, this year.

According to him, the provincial government has allocated about P 22 million for the scholarship program in 2019.

“I believe that education, especially for the poor and the less fortunate, will provide them the leverage to be at par with the rest of the community,” Emano said.

Padayon Pilipino believes that education is the most effective means to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor.

“It is obvious that the warm welcome and support of the people from all walks of life, wherever the Padayon Pilipino candidates go as part of their campaign activites is their strongest point,” former town mayor and now Padayon Pilipino political campaign manager Intot Puertas said. “The midterm election in May 13, this year, will demonstrate the people’s irresistible support for the Padayon Pilipino candidates.”

Padayon Pilipino’s candidates in Misamis Oriental are: Governor: #1 Emano, Yevgeny Vincente, Vice Govenor: #1 Elipe, President “Prexy” 1st District: Congressman: #4 Unabia, Christian Board Members: #3 Dumadag, Bebing; #5 Khu, Erik; #7 Militante, Win; #9 Pelaez, Enteng; and #11 Uyguangco, Ken. 2nd District: Congressman: #2 Benaldo, Benjo #1 Acain, Panky; #3 Emano, Saysay; #4 Madjos, Nancy; #9 Sabal, Boboy; and #11 Yasay, Dexter.

In Cagayan de Oro City, the coalition Padayon Pilipino-Centrist Democratic Party candidates are: City Mayor: #3 La Viña, Pompee Vice Mayor: #1 Emano, Vicente 1st District: Congressman: #1 Acenas, Caesar Ian Councilors: #2 Abbu, Jose Pepe; #3 Acenas, Ronald; #4 Bacal, Alden; #6 Barba, Adrian; #18 Legaspi, Al Sr.; #21 Navarro, Meneleo; #23 Pajo, Dante; #27 Suan, Lordan. 2nd District: Congressman: #2 Rodriguez, Rufus Councilors: #1 Acenas, Jun; #6 Dacer, Alexander; #10 Gan, Leon; #11 Gumahad, Adonis; #12 Judith, James; #18 Roa, Nanette; #19 Rodriguez, Bebot; #21 Tabor, Ramon.

(Loui Maliza is a staff member at the capitol’s press office.)


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