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PoSH: Pole | Silk | Hoops

What I feel about Cagayan de Oro is that there’s not much to do here. Don’t get me wrong, I still wouldn’t trade to live anywhere else in the Philippines than here, but there are not enough classes or activities to do on your downtime.

I recently wanted to change my lifestyle starting with a social media cleanse and it doesn’t mean that I would totally take my self out on Facebook and Instagram but slowly by slowly changing my choices of what I read first thing in the morning, I subscribed to Mindanao Gold Star Daily’s newsletter (you can do that by visiting our website at because in order to be a concerned citizen you should update yourself with the latest news and updates of your hometown, next I subscribed as well to Smarter Living ( a part of a lifestyle section of the NewYork times) and I happen to come across one article that struck me most and it says that in order to have a happier life we must have hobbies.

Digging deeper into this article, I have concluded that it is 100% true, let’s try to remember our childhood days, as what they say the simpler times without a care in the world. We always busied ourselves with classes whether it be musical, art, sports but aside from focusing on our academic standing, we also look forward to doing any outside activities and I encourage you to remember that exact feeling you have, the excitement and joy it would bring you. having hobbies made us happy. Nowadays the type of fun we consider is mostly browsing through facebook, Instagram and binge-watching show on Netflix and Youtube. New york times clearly emphasized that those are not considered as hobbies.

With that, I am happy to share with you that WRK Fitness Studio and Evolve Pole Fitness and Aerial Arts Studio owned by Miss Tweetie Bullecer based in Davao City is Offering a Pole Dancing Workshop – PoSH that stands for Pole, Silk, and Hoops from November 29 to December 5, 2019 – at WRK Fitness Studio. TweetieBullecer herself will be the instructor on the upcoming workshop and because we were curious about pole dancing, we are happy that she agreed to do a short interview with us just to give you a run-through on how pole dancing would be beneficial for you one way or the other.

GSD: when did you realize you have a passion for pole dancing? And why?

T: It’s more of a passion for teaching. I fell in love with pole fitness in the first week of instructor training. We trained for 6 hours Monday to Saturday for a month. The first few days made me want to back out since it was a hardcore workout. But the moment I started achieving tricks, I was hooked. I would be thinking of pole before I sleep and the moment I woke up. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the pole. When I started teaching and up to now that I have my studio, I realized that it was the teaching part I was passionate about. I feel great joy every time I see students achieve their goals. I am happy every time I see their growing confidence as days go by. Witnessing how they evolve is like a grand opportunity and a gift for me.

GSD: how did pole dancing affect you or made you feel? Did it help you in any way?

T: My journey with pole fitness taught me that you CAN achieve if you push yourself. It also gave me more confidence knowing that everything is possible if you want it. I am now way stronger, more toned, more confident and I also noticed that it makes one much younger, probably because of the play side of it.

GSD: why would you encourage our readers to try out pole dancing?

T: I encourage everyone to give it a try! All ages, shapes, and sizes are very welcome. The good thing about joining the PoSH workshop is that everyone will be beginners. They will all experience and learn together. I am very positive that they will fall in love with it the same way I did.

Pole dancing is both a cardio and strength workout, which can help you burn about 800 calories an hour! Whoa! That is a piece of mind-blowing information even for me. But aside from seeing it as a workout and personally I can’t wait to try and experience pole dancing because I want to be able to see the beauty it could bring, how it could change the relationship I have with my body, the sensuality and with that it could change the way we perceive about what truly is being a woman. Nurture your mind and body and it will pay you back in kind.

Don’t worry in the next coming articles I would highly focus on figuring out classes to help you realize step by step what your hobby could be, but for now, I highly encourage you to try out PoSH. WRK Fitness Studio is now accepting pre-registrations for the workshop, visit them at A.Luna Corner A. Velez Street Cagayan de Oro City or call them up 0917-150-4069. See you there!


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