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The three-day Second Philippine Sports Commission ended yesterday. The grassroots sports development program aims to develop local athletes. Photo by Ruben M. Dongzal

PSC opens 2nd inter-public school volleyball tournament

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DAVAO City — The Philippine Sports Commission spearheaded the Second PSC Inter-Public School Volleyball Tournament opening ceremony at Davao City National High School Alumni multipurpose hall-gymnasium, F. Torres street, here Wednesday.

This is a three-day competition ended yesterday.

Last year 2017, the PSC chairman William Butch Ramirez successfully initiated exclusive for girls volleyball tournament timely on the celebration of Kadayawan where 10 teams compete.

“To make bigger for the second year we involved not only girls, but also the boys. This time from both elementary and secondary divisions,” Commissioner Charles Raymond Maxey said.

Ramirez  and Maxey have always dreamed of creating a grassroots sports event which would develop young athletes from the public schools. They wanted to hone the athletes’ skills in volleyball and at the same time instill the values of discipline, camaraderie, and sportsmanship.

In this second year all these teams are winners in their respective district meets all in all  their are 32 teams.

“You just need to believe in yourself. Remember, perseverance, discipline, and dedication are the key ingredients of success. As the famous line  Muhammad Ali once said: ‘don’t quit. Suffer now now and live the rest of your life a champion,’” Maxey said.


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