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Regencia vs. Alemania

Nora Soriño .

ILIGAN City — For us whose happiness are shallow, (mababaw ang kaligayahan) it’s time to be happy. Again. As this is circus time now.

This is, after the month long fiesta time. In which we mark the celestial battle between the good and the bad.

This time, it is an earthly battle. Not necessarily between good and evil. For one can’t identify who is good or  bad. Or the ugly?

Well, the mayoral battle this election season this time is between Regencia and Alemania. Celso Gomera Regencia and Marianito “Dodong” Dumadag Alemania. Regencia is from Lanao Norte, Alemania from Bohol.

R, as we know come from the police; A from the world of business. The former is well known in the city. For who doesn’t know the incumbent? Especially that his two term duties as mayor is dotted with imprisonment, suspensions and more suspensions.

Even the members of the Sangguniang Panlungsod which are mostly coming from his ticket, have been for a time, suspended. Because of “wrong doings” the political opponents say. And which the Ombud agree, meaning, there is basis for such.

The voting public here still has to know more about “Dodong.” Well, his data say he is President/Chief Executive Officer of the Madelicious Food Corporation. From the looks of it, he’s successful at it and said corpo, registered with the SEC in 2004, is accepting franchisees. He’s also owner of “Plaza Alemania” where on several  of its floors sits a casino.

A very busy man, we should say. He’s a CPA by profession, they say.

As of presstime, the two with their respective tickets haven’t filed their COCs yet.

The mayor’s ticket is referred to as “Team Gareve.” Alemania’s is “Team Sialhu.”

Gareve refers to Leony Roy Ga, Regencia and Jemar Vera Cruz, for the positions of congressman, mayor and vice respectively.    “Sialhu” refers to Frederick Siao, Alemania and Sammy Huertas also for said positions. Siao is an incumbent so the “advantage of the incumbent” is applicable too some extent to the latter team.

A battle between policemen and businessmen, we could say. Ga, to note has been police chief until his recent reassignment.

Siao, Alemania and Huertas are in business.

Regencia’s team had been very solid the last elections. It’s ambitious “15-0” then was almost realized, with some exceptions.

Now, it’s showing cracks although the dent is not large enough.

Huertas, was once with Regencia. Although there is also at least one, that went over to the mayor’s camp.

The latter’s ticket for the SP include the following: Renato Ancis, Noli Pardillo, Sol Bacsarpa, Demosthenes Plando, Ian Uy, Ryan Ong, Rafael Benidictos, Mackie Macapagal, Bernard Pacana. Pacana is the one who moved over to the camp of the mayor. Benidictos and Macapagal though with the mayor are first time candidates.

Alemania’s camp have the following name in its ticket for the SP: Queenie Belmonte, Veronico Echavez, Winefredo Niez, an Atty. Zalzos, Providencio Abragan Jr. Pisyong Larrazabal, Eric Capitan, Pastor Cocoy Sabarre.

Capitan is a move over from the Regencia camp.

Running under “Independent” for SP members are Ruderic Marzo, and Usafeno Obial. Rumored to be running too as Independents are Marlene Young and Michelle Sweet Echavez. Marzo is a former Vice Mayor while the last three are former SP members.

There might still be other names in the political scene in this side of the earth but at this time,  we have yet to be aware of them…


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