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Relationship Status: Dating A Photographer

For the longest time I have been writing about technicalities, the journey, and the passion of being a photographer. But allow me to humour you all with a different perspective today.

The title may sound quite far fetched, but believe me, it will make sense at the end. So without further adieu, let me grimly put into context my thoughts into a few examples.Photographers Work Long Hours Yes, we don’t work the casual 8 to 5 in a confined space but rather on the go and often times, without sleep. So if you’re a girlfriend or boyfriend who has this shutter bug of an other half, I know you’d definitely agree that you can’t compete with his job.

The photographer works long days in front of a computer and behind the camera, these are individuals of focus and commitment which are greatly carried on to the things that they love to do. Spending time with them might be in a cafe, engaged in conversations about angles, “does this editing make the client look fat”, or which image is better than the other.

Having someone with the heart to go far fetched places or have hectic schedules can be a handful, but take a step back and you will be quite proud that you are with a very industrious individual.They Wont Be In Your Pictures Much Surprised? Don’t be. Its normal for photographers to be the one taking the photos than being the one in it. From my own personal stand point, I love cameras but those things don’t love me. Travelling together, the photographer in a relationship will definitely take photos of his/her other half in all moments and scenic destinations.

A tripod is a photographer’s best friend, and this also applies to the other half. When travelling, make sure your camera loving person has his tripod, a good smartphone or tablet to connect to the camera to take photos at a distance, and lots of patience. Why patience? Oh, there just might be times when they will have to setup the camera and tripod at a good amount of places to create “insta-worthy” photographs. On the bright side, these are the times when the meticulous side of the photographer shines best. If they can create beautiful photographs of their clients, what more if its the love of their life.

They Are A Weird Bunch It might be true that we all have quirks, but these photographers are something else. Consider a person who would risk tooth and nail to get the shot even at whatever weather, and you’ve got a guy/gal that would do anything to make their craft improve. Myself included, I believe that I’ve developed a obsessive – compulsive behavior by looking at my images.

Photographers who are so drawn deep into their passion become perfectionists. Not that it turns into a problem in a relationship, but expect these people to be hard on themselves even if they have made you happy. Yeah, you read that right. It can either be annoying or cute to some, but in the end it all boils down to understanding them. Pacify and let them truly feel that they have done great and they don’t need to do anything else to please you.

Dates will have to be perfect and with no problems, but relationships isn’t a 3 minute photo, but a collaborative effort of two individuals who’d make it work despite their differences (Photographer or not). Photographers are human. They eat, sleep, need support, and definitely need a few tight hugs along the way. Never look at yourself as the third party but rather the partner of a man or woman who can’t stop clicking. Photography is a nice hobby or a good source of income, what matters most is that both of you cultivate it so that you can grow in your relationship.


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