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Remembering My First Uptown Food Crawl Experience

August is all about Cagayan de Oro because it’s fiesta month. So I’m going to put the spotlight on everything CDO for all Saturdays of this month. Here’s part two of an article I wrote earlier this year about the 1st Uptown CDO Food Crawl organized by Italpinas Development Corporation, developers or Primavera Residences and Primavera City.



Bad Burgers

Bad Burgers’ Salted Egg Potato Chips


Our next stop was Bad Burgers, one of the more popular burger joints in CDO. It’s been attracting a lot of attention – and diners – because of its name and concept. Bad Burgers serves gourmet burgers that come in big sizes.


Since I’ve already tasted their burgers more than once, I decided to try their pork barbecue. I liked it because it’s not too heavy on the sauce (I don’t like the ones that look red because of too much sauce). It’s also just the right size, so I think two or three sticks will be enough for me.


Salted egg potato chips, one of the most popular snack products to make it to the Philippine market last year, is also available at Bad Burgers. This highly addictive potato chips is only Php95 per order.


All in all, our Bad Burgers experience was not bad – not bad at all!


Michelle Bakeshop & Cafe

Kopi Roti from Michelle Bakeshop


Michelle Bakeshop & Cafe is a small but really cozy cafe conveniently located at the Primavera Residences building. I’d like to describe it as a community bread shop that serves all the bread and pastries you can think of!


This hole-in-the-wall bakeshop serves fresh and hot bread and pastries at very reasonable prices. Your Php100 will go a long way here, and your tummy will be completely satisfied!


Michelle also serves premium coffee, hot chocolate, hot tea, and cakes. If you’re too hungry for bread and cakes, you can go for their affordable meals.


Shield Diner


Shield Diner


My first visit to Shield Diner, which is located just beside the Primavera building (near East West Bank), was during last year’s CDO Toy Show press conference. That first time proved to be a fun experience as I found myself completely awed by all the diner’s interiors.


There are superheroes all over the place! As in literally! Look up in one side and you’ll see Spiderman hanging from the ceiling (or wall post). Look up in another direction and you’ll find Ironman or Captain America. It’s like a museum of superheroes with food on the side. I was completely at home inside Shield.


And then we had some really big burgers….

Shield Diner’s Burger


Well, burgers are not actually my thing but I was caught by surprise the when I saw how big Shield’s was. It also looked so juicy and, therefore, tempting. So I allowed myself to indulge in one – errr, in a portion rather (we shared one big burger). True enough, it was juicy and tasty. And I was satisfied.


When we got to Shield for the food crawl, I decided to go for their hotdogs this time around. Like their burgers, one order is big (for me and some of my friends, at least). I couldn’t finish everything, but boy, it was exactly how I want hotdog sandwiches to be – juicy, tasty, and flavorful! I’d go back for the hotdogs (and the awesome interiors).


Shield Diner also serves the coolest, most colorful drinks; as well as the thickest and creamiest shakes. If you like to imagine yourself dining in a completely American-inspired diner, Shield is the place to go to. You won’t regret it because the food is good!

Thick, creamy milkshake from Shield Diner

Shield Diner is located at Alfresco VLC Tower, Pueblo de Oro Business Park.



(To be continued next Saturday)


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