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Revisiting Fr. Stefano Gobbi

Cesar Gorillo .

  1. Stefano Gobbi is an Italian priest who was gifted with the inner locution, or a gift in which you receive messages from God or the Blessed Virgin Mary direct to your heart. His messages started on May 6, 1972 during a visit to Fatima, Portugal during the anniversary of the apparition of Our Lady, which he received while praying in the chapel.

After that, he organized the movement called Marian Movement of Priests, an organization of priests and the laity for the promotion of the devotion of the Mother of God.  Among the laity, they organized the now very familiar Perpetual Dawn Rosary which brings the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which is the Our Lady of Fatima,  to all voluntary host Catholic homes every four o’clock in the morning while reciting the rosary along the streets on the way to the recipient home and back to another willing host. In Valencia City, this movement has been going on for the last twenty six years and has converted thousands of spiritually dry Catholics back to the church.

After Fr. Gobbi received the interior messages from the Blessed Mother of God, he put everything into writing and had it approved by the Catholic Church and now known as “Our Lady’s Messages to her Beloved Priests.” This is a very important book because it details Our Lady’s prophecies to the entire world revealed to a very simple priest so that the world will know that the entire heaven is concerned about the way God’s people has behaved and has displeased God.

Thus to appease God, Our Lady has revealed that she has made fervent prayers to the Lord God Almighty to lessen or even delay His chastisement to the sinful world.  According the Our Lady, the anger of God can only be lessened through our prayers and sacrifices for which the world today doesn’t care, immersed as we are in idolatry which is the adulation of wealth, power and possession.

Our Lady’s prophecies are too important because all that she told Fr. Gobbi about the future in that book has slowly unfolded right in our very own eyes.

Here are her prophecies that have been fulfilled.

In the end, her Immaculate Heart will triumph and Russia will be converted.  We now witness how Russia’s communism fell after the break-up of the Soviet Republic and the democratization of Poland, Romania, Chzekoslovakia, East Germany and all nations under the Soviet block.  Not only that, China followed and then Cuba.  The only communist nation that remains now is North Korea and it is now negotiating with the U.S. and South Korea for total peace and eventually possible reunification with South Korea.

Then she mentioned about the problems of the Catholic Church and its priests.  This has come true with the many divisions in the Vatican and the eventual resignation of Pope Benedict VI and the involvement of many priests and bishops in sex scandals.

She cautioned about a sickness that heaven allowed and which has no known cure.  This is Aids for which victims are candidates of sure death because there is no scientific remedy that can allow the victim to escape death.

Then she mentioned about natural calamities that will fall on earth and which will increase its frequency and power every year until the day that Jesus Christ will eventually return.  She also said that many scientists will blame this on natural phenomenon, thus the rise today of Climate Change theory, but Our Lady, said this is not the case but that these are reminders of God for His people to repent and be converted.  Thus today, we are witnesses to super floods, great typhoons, hurricanes tsunami, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions whose power has never before been experienced on earth.  Even deserts like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Palestine, Oman and Tunisia have been flooded.  So with great nations like Italy, France, Great Britain and the US.

With all calamities falling on us every day, there is indeed a need for us all to meditate and ponder the need to pray and go back to the Maker of all things on earth.


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