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Shean Libato: A Passion for Creating the Perfect Brows

by Maia Fortich-Poblete

Even in her younger years, Shean Libato already had a penchant for makeup. And although she was comfortable doing her own, she liked “painting” her friends’ faces more. She especially liked doing their eyebrows. At that time, however, she had no idea that makeup, particularly on the eyebrows, would become an integral part of her life.

Shean Libato

Shean moved to Cagayan de Oro several years ago. When she arrived here, she had no job. Eventually, she started hanging out with her friend, singer Oreo Vamenta. Later on, she started joining him in his performances at Lifestyle District.

For awhile, singing became the highlight of Shean’s new life here in the city. But since her specialization was hotel and restaurant management, she soon found herself working first for Circa 1850 and then for The Hungry Plate. Shean really thought that working in restaurants and sharing her learnings and skills in HRM was her passion. This led her to decide to stop singing and performing.

“If there is a job I liked, I really do everything I can to love my job,” Shean shared. And this is what happened at Circa 1850, where she easily moved up to the ranks. The same thing happened to her at The Hungry Plate, where she started as a server and was promoted to assistant manager in no time.

My scattered eyebrows pre-Perfect Brows

But since makeup was something she really loved, Shean didn’t stop doing it. One time, she decided to try getting her eyebrows microbladed. As the results satisfied her, she eventually thought of and joined a training program. “I was still working at The Hungry Plate at that time, so I had to adjust my schedule,” she recounted. She also had to save and spend for the training herself. Early on, she was told that she was a natural and needed only some additional training and this motivated her to continue what she set out to do.

Post-Perfect Brows

After finishing the training program, she set out to begin her own microblading business. She started with six clients (her friends and co-workers) who each enjoyed her skills and services for free. This was when she discovered that it – microblading/microshading – was her true passion. So she decided to rent a space in one of the shops at Lifestyle District (inside Amorvida Spa). She received clients by appointment since she was also still working at The Hungry Plate at that time.

The road wasn’t easy for Shean. She had to go through a lot of challenges, including self-doubts. But she wasn’t the kind of person to back down on her goals. Competitive, aggressive, and a positive thinker, she continued her journey. “If there’s something I want to do or learn, I will do everything to make sure it becomes a success and that I succeed. I don’t stop just because I’m having a difficult time.” This attitude was what helped pave the way to the fulfillment of Shean’s goals.

6D eyebrow embroidery

Even if she just started and was still building her brand and clientele, she was already receiving a lot of good feedback. Her clients trusted her and believed in what she could do for them. So Shean thought it was just right to continue learning and improving.

After her training, she did a lot of self-study and research. Shean continues to do this now. In addition, she also follows several eyebrow artists/browtists so she can get updates and additional training. She reveals that, “Trainings help encourage me as well as my clients.”

Perfect Brows By Shean

Nowadays, Shean is busy entertaining clients in her clinic in Buena Oro (beside Kambingan sa Buena Oro). Her main goal is to see smiles on her customers’ faces, to see them happy and satisfied with their eyebrows.

Since the microblading/microshading process can take over an hour, Shean works on a per schedule basis. Clients contact her to arrange for an appointment. Aside from the time factor, she does this also because she wants to give her customers only the best – she works efficiently and makes sure she doesn’t do a haphazard job. She takes time and makes sure that every step is properly done.

Her most popular services are eyebrow microblading and microshading. She also offers permanent lip tattoo, ombre & ombre microblading, and male eyebrows services.

One of the things that Shean’s clients like about her is the time she takes to explain the process. She makes sure that everyone who undergoes the procedure understands what’s going to happen or what she will do. In my case, for example, she made sure I understood what she was doing for every step (ex. “I’m now microshading your brows. It’s like I’m drawing hair-like strokes on your brows. When I’m done with this, you’ll notice that your eyebrows are naturally fuller.”).

She’s also very meticulous, so she has her own ways (and secrets) on how to make sure that the eyebrows are well-shaped and “equal”. For her, each client has different needs so she addresses them accordingly. That’s the kind of personal touch she gives.

Why Be Vain About Your Eyebrows?

A lot of people ask this question. I myself asked this before I decided agreed to try Shean’s firstate services. “Why touch your eyebrows when they’re fine already?” “Why fix what’s not broken?” “Why be so vain?”

For Shean – and I agree with her – the eyebrows “define our face”. “If our eyebrows are okay; if they look good, we feel confident. We look confident. Also, the aura of our face changes – we become more beautiful.” Shean also believes that we use our eyebrows to express what we feel, so it’s important that we take good care of them. “So when a customer comes in and she wants her eyebrows to look better, that’s what I do. If her eyebrows are in a down direction, she’ll look sad all the time. But once I change them and lift them a little (for example), her face brightens up and she’ll feel and look better.”

So, all you ladies (and gentlemen) out there, if you want to love yourself a little more, try getting the perfect eyebrows. I promise, you’ll feel extra special afterwards (and always)!

Perfect Brows by Shean is located in Buena Oro, beside Kambingan sa Buena Oro and Migs Water Hole. For inquiries and appointments, you may text or call 0916-409 3653. You can also check out their Facebook page, PerfectBrows by Shean.

Ms. Shean Libato is a certified microblading artist.   


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