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The City of Cagayan de Oro is home to hard-working, from the ground up, homegrown, and determined entrepreneurs. From my previous articles, I have met amazing people with each of their own so called origin stories. I was lucky enough to have met Ma’am Cherry Mae Cadaliña Palacat in one of the bazaars being held at SM Downtown Premier, she is the owner of Chelanz Creamy Peanut Butter.

She makes homemade peanut butter in a variety of flavors. The original peanut butter, cookies and cream, strawberry, chocolate, and the rice crispies. Started crafting the love in a bottle in 2005, she learned the process from her Tita who is Jocelyn L. Cavite. It was a simple product but everyone who she shared it with, fell in love with the distinct taste that can be compared to international products.

A friend of hers once challenged her to add a certain twist to the product. Something that would make the product stand out from the rest. Ma’am Cherry was hesitant at first but call it fate or a chanced accident she added chocolate to a certain mix and was instantly craved and loved by her son, Lance. Chelanz stands for the combined names of Ma’am Cherry’s children, Chiellzy and Lhance.

The challenge aside from the production she adds is that she and her husband do door to door deliveries without minimum orders. Yes, you read that right. With just a single bottle of order, Chelanz Creamy Peanut Butter is delivered right at your doorstep. With price ranges from within a hundred pesos, you sweet loving individuals or the passive indulging sugar craving people can enjoy the love right in the comfort of your own home. The best-sellers are the cookies and cream and chocolate flavors. And on a personal note, I can testify that these flavors can be eaten even without the bread and just full-on jar emptying eating spree.

Considered as the first peanut butter with topping in the city of golden friendship, the product is a cut above the competition. Made by a peanut butter lover, Ma’am Cherry knows what consumers like. It is often said that behind every successful man is a woman, and that can also be said to the partnership of Ma’am Cherry and her husband, Cied E. Palacat. He is the force behind the deliveries to every household and meetup. They are the tandem which produces the product in their own home and goes as far as Iligan and the far reaches of Misamis Oriental to deliver their product.   

A bright new addition to their product is the Pika – Pika rice treats with peanut butter which is always sold out even before they are displayed in the stalls of bazaars they join in. The product is free to taste wherever you may see them. As a mother, entrepreneur, and wife, she urges customers to spread the peanut butter with love, just like the same way she spreads her love to her children.

If you wish to order or resell the product, please add her on Facebook ( Cherry Mae Cadaliña Palacat ), visit her FB page Chelanz Creamy Peanut Butter, or through mobile (09551683919). Let us continue to support the local food scene and as Ma’am Cherry says, spread the love.


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