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Sultan Abubakar kin converge in Kabuntalan

By Teng Lauban Datu
Cotabato City Bureau Chief .

COTABATO City — Sultan Abubakar Siddique descendants converged last Sunday at Poblacion of Kabuntalan.

The main purpose of the family reunion is to know among the relatives particularly coming different places as First Grand Reunion of the clan, in fact, the Sultan Abubakar is the 13th Sultan of Kabuntalan who was married more than four wives that produced 14 children who ruled in 1889.

Hundreds of vehicles motorcade from Cotabato City to Municipality of Kabuntalan.

Each clan of the fourteen descendants was allowed to have a representative to speak for the support for the unity of the clan.

Datu Harun Mluk Bandila told Gold Star Daily that the purpose of the reunion is to know among the new generations.

He said this occasion has no connection on the political issue instead to strengthen the family by helping each other.

Among the children of Sultan Abubakar were Datu Kalimbol, Sultan Mluk 14th Sultan of Kabuntalan, Sultan Uko as 15th Sultan of Kabuntalan, Datu Lauban as first Mayor of Kabuntalan, Bai Tuangga, Bai Dalala, Bai Gumapos, Datu Guiamblang, Bai Manday, Bai Salama, Bai Ulay, Datu Pagayao, Datu Rakim and Bai Aguid.

Sultan Abubakar of Kabuntalan Sultanate, son of Sultan Idris, reigned during the time of Sultan Jalaluddin Pablo up to the reign of Sultan Mangigin of Maguindanao. He was also known as Datu of Bagumbayan who became headman and later District President during the American colonial period

He said organizing this occasion is not easy however, there no difficulty if the family will be united.

Other families connected from other clans were fully supportive of the occasion, particularly from Mastura family.

Datubod D. Lauban, president of Lauban clan also expressed thanks to the participants for attending the important occasion

“The family must have the direction particularly the economics, leadership, and unity,” He added.

Datu Mosiban Mluk Solano one of the organizers of the occasion expressed gratitude to those who attended in the events.

He said this occasion is part of learning to love and identify our relatives. The saying “blood is thicker than water” perfectly captioned the event.


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