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Netnet Camomot

YEARS ago, we were at SM Cebu and tired after window-shopping, so, my youngest bro suggested watching a movie at its IMAX theater. The movie happened to be an unknown, i.e., no superheroes, but we bought tickets anyway. I could not even recall its title without Googling it. All I remember is, it was an animated film starring owls.

Okay, let’s Google. It was the “Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole.” See? How could my minute brain memorize a title as long as that? Anyway, you can watch it online now, thanks to free-movie sites.

We were hoping for SM CDO Downtown Premier to have an IMAX cinema, but I guess SM was unsure if Cagayanons would shell out that much moolah for a movie, thus, it has the Director’s Club, and we’re now listing down movies that are worthy of the ticket cost. Definitely only Wonder Woman and Star Wars.

Superhero movies and the soon-to-be-shown “Transformers: The Last Knight” have been promoted as better seen in IMAX theaters but Cagayanons will have to travel far and wide for that.

Movies help us see another world, even that of owls. And minions. We watched “Despicable Me 3” last Thursday and were entertained not only by minions but—spoiler alert!—piggies! Gru discovers he has a twin—Dru—who has a piggy farm and lives in a piggy house with piggy decors. Sigh. So cute. That should stop me from eating pork.

I gotta feeling piggies were meant to be pets. So, why do we feast on lechon, crispy pata, and lechon kawali? That’s the question.

It has been proven that red meat is bad for the health. Cows are cute, too, in case you haven’t noticed. Unless a bull is now bent on attacking you with its horns.

There were those days last week when I had too much red meat in the diet—pork chorizo, pork humba—and paired that with two consecutive sleepless nights and a Saturday morning under the sun. The senior-moment body felt their consequences by Saturday night. There was the resolve again to stick to a healthier diet and to sleep before 10 pm. Oh, well.

Superheroes, or the actors playing superheroes, need to follow strict diets, otherwise they won’t have six-pack abs and muscles in the most delish places. The discipline and the commitment to the craft should be followed by ordinary mortals. But with no movie to shoot, what will motivate the ordinary mortal to follow stringent rules?

In “Justice League,” Barry Allen aka Flash (Ezra Miller) asks Bruce Wayne aka Batman (Ben Affleck): “What are your superpowers again?” Wayne replies, “I’m rich.”

It’s a given the rich will always survive despite anything that happens in this oh so cruel world. They’ll be the first to recover from financial and material loss, they can afford the most expensive medical care, they can survive because they have the money to spend on that survival. They may lose once money is no longer the world’s currency. But as long as money rules the world, the rich will continue to rule the world.

It is this money that may create conflicts in the world. War is a huge business. An ongoing war requires arms, bullets, tanks, helicopters, planes, bombs, whatever helps the war succeed will need money to finance it. Relief efforts and relocation need money. Post-war rehabilitation also requires money once houses, buildings, bridges, infrastructure are to be rebuilt and repaired. The secret to financial success is to be alert for opportunities.

There’s this saying, Opportunity knocks only once. If ever it knocks again in the future, the circumstances will be different from the one that’s being offered now. They won’t be exactly the same.

And there are people who don’t give second chances. There’s only that one chance, and if you miss grabbing that, there will be no next time. They will then simply watch you, with a bowl of free popcorn on their chest, like watching a movie at the Director’s Club.

People’s patience can be tested to the max, and that’s without the help of an IMAX screen. Once they’re tired, not even an IMAX movie can appease them.

Meanwhile, Cagayanons now have more cinemas to choose from. Director’s Club? Megascreen? Ano ba talaga, Kuya?


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Netnet Camomot once edited a society page and covered society stories for another newspaper. She has long been writing about the lighter side of anything under the sun, including pressing issues of the day, with a touch of humor.

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