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Preserving Cagayan de Oro’s ecological balance

Renato Tibon . “CAN you make a river?” Probably in exasperation at the condescending attitude of Ed Alabastro, a project consultant who seemed to have taken the salubrity of Cagayan de Oro River for granted, Rep. Annie Susano of Quezon City asked the question rhetorically while the issue was raging …

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Rufus is R.u.f.u.s.

Renato Tibon .  “When the best leader’s work is done, the people say, ‘we did it ourselves’.” – Lao Tzu RODRIGUEZ spells performance. The surname Rodriguez is a Spanish patronymic (meaning son or descendant of Rodrigo), which derivatives signify fame or power and is considered the 60th most common surname …

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Forging unity is essential in lawmaking, representing

By VINCE BORNEOfor the National Unity Party .  EXISTING political realities in the Philippines dictate that the three main tasks of legislators in the Philippines are: (1) making, amending or revising laws; (2) exercising the congressional power of oversight on the other branches of government(executive and judiciary); and (3) determining …

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With Dr. Gaane, you’re protected

By Boyet Martinez Campaign Manager, Team Gaane 2019 . I HAVE worked for and with Kagawad Maria Lourdes Seriña Gaane, M.D. for 13 years now. She deserves to be re-elected as councilor of the city’s 2nd District in the May 13, 2019 elections. Team Okka also deserves the privilege of …

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Abamin: The party-list we need

Renato Tibon . REPUBLIC Act 7941 (signed into law on March 3, 1995) provides for the election of party-list representatives coming from the marginalized and underepresented people in the community including labor, urban poor, indigenous groups, women, youth and other such sectors (except the religious sector). Through a system of …

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Rise to full stature as sovereign citizens!

Manny Valdehuesa IT cannot be overemphasized that had the spirit of autonomy been promoted since the Local Government Code (R.A. 7160) was enacted in 1991, we would all have developed proficiency in autonomy or self-governance by now, easing the way for the advocates of federalism to have it adopted. All that …

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