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The answer

Ben Contreras

THE presidential debate this coming Feb. 21, 2016 is crucial for all respective candidates. Of the five more serious contenders, one is still facing disqualification, and her fate hangs in the balance.

Until this disqualification case is resolved, we can’t blame any candidate if they shun the debate. But whether or not, it is still best to participate if only to show one’s mettle, and what one is made of.

There is one concern, however. And that is the venue of the first presidential debate. Observers noted that the venue could be a hostile territory for those not favored by the owner of the venue. For this reason, the camps of other candidates are doing their best to have the venue changed, albeit too late, or so it seems.

The owner of Capitol University is a known friend of presidential candidate Mar Roxas. Whenever Mar is here in the city, he sleeps in the family’s house. Roxas is even rumored to have greatly helped the family in their problem with a government bureau. As such, many fear that the venue would be jampacked with their students, supporters or not, and deprive the others of their due spots.

Having known the owners of CU as decent people, I am confident nothing of this sort would happen. But then, if ever, we cannot also discount the possibility of what angry people may do in response to any devious scheme. When passion runs high, anything goes. That’s Philippine politics.

The Comelec has a responsibility to see to it that every candidate is accorded due respect and fairness, and that the debate would go as orderly as possible.

It’s now or never, so they say. Mindanao should not allow this chance to slip away because there won’t be another Digong in the next decades or century.

Not many know it that Digong really didn’t want to run. He was not just being coy about it. He was afraid because he has no money and no machinery. But the federalists saw in him the fulfillment of a federal form of government, a system Digong himself has been espousing.

So much has been said of him, the good and the bad. So much has been written about him, the truth and the lies. But those who have faith in him have come together, transcending political colors at the local levels, willing to sacrifice their time, money and effort to realize a dream long denied of the Mindanaoans. They are all putting their stakes on Digong.

As federalist and former mayor Reuben R. Canoy writes:

“As we go to the polls on May 9, 2016 to choose our next president, we need to ask:

“Who among the candidates has the experience, the wisdom, the temperament, the political will and the guts to solve the problems that beset us?

“Who will send corrupt officials to jail?

“Who will punish the rapists, kidnappers, carjackers, robbers and killers?

“Who will run after the big time smugglers, gambling lords and drug lords?

“Who will negotiate peace with the Moro and communist rebels?

“Who will keep our country safe from terrorists?

“Who will defend our territory, uphold the Constitution and enforce our laws?”

Digong is the answer!

Let’s make history in 2016!


About Ben Contreras

Ben Contreras has been writing a column for The Gold Star Daily since the 90s.

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    Stupid analysis Ben!!! Sayang ang gitodlo sa imo sa mga Ateneans! You forgot the number one reason you are still alive today….WHO WILL PROTECT US TO A HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATOR? Some graves will rise coz of your stupidity!!! Do not gamble our FREEDOM to live to a BERDUGO FROM DAVAO!!

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