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The choice is ours

Egay Uy .

IT is quite easy for just anybody to complain and point fingers at others whenever something disturbing occurs or happens.  Let’s take for example one generally observable thing around us – trash.

Everyday, we see trash and what-have-you just about anywhere. If one motors from one end of the city to the other, for sure he will not miss any of those waste materials lying on the side streets and gutters, even on plazas, and on doorsteps of businesses. Look closely and we can expect to see wrappers, plastic bags, water plastic bottles, softdrink cans, styro packaging materials, fruit rind, and similar waste materials.

At Villarin street alone, in Barangay Carmen, the road that I regularly use, the open drain is almost always filled with plastic bottles and other waste materials such that water that flow from the rolling areas of Barangays Patag and Carmen and converge in Villarin street cease to freely seek its natural level, causing the perennial flooding there.

The natural and immediate reaction of those who pass by the area would be “what has the city government done to address this problem?”  And I will not blame them.  For one, it would appear that the area has been forsaken that even the slightest downpour will surely inundate the road because the drainage canals have been clogged by debris from households, and even from motorists.

I have often witnessed passengers of public utility vehicles (motorelas, taxis, and jeepneys), and even SUVs, just throw their waste materials on the road – and with impunity.  They are just lucky my dashboard camera has stopped working. Otherwise, I would have already posted video clips of those indiscriminate and wanton disregard of environmental reminders from the local authorities.

A few years back, when my wife Juliet was still the school nurse of Xavier U Grade School and I used to fetch her from there after office hours, I was able to actually take a video clip of somebody from inside an SUV throw a softdrink bottle on the street while the vehicle was parked, probably waiting for a pupil.  I will look for that footage and probably post it on Facebook.  Yes, the license plate of that SUV was also seen in that clip.

The current system may not yet be perfect but at least after many years of neglect the matter is now being addressed by the local authorities – the Clenro under Engr. Armen Cuenca, the TF Hapsay Sapa under Patrick Gabutina, the Office of Barangay Affairs under Oliver Egypto, and even “trashes” on the air space, by the TF Hapsay Kable of NTC Director Ted Buenavista, and several  engagements of the city government.

Then, again, we can choose to simply always complain and do nothing but rant.  Conversely, we can also always complain and help in the campaign to educate the citizenry how to properly dispose of their garbage and help keep our city orderly and clean. And more importantly, simply don’t throw your trash anywhere but on designated bins and receptacles. If there is none, put your candy wrapper in your pocket and dispose of it later.

The choice is clearly ours.


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