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The old guys in town

Egay Uy .

REMINISCING the old days is one of the “past times” of senior citizens like me and my barkada with whom I grew together in our then “barriotic” Nazareth Subdivision which later became a barangay.

A few of us already moved on while a good number still kicks butts and talk about how sipat some of us were. Of the original “Anak-Baryo” members (the first generation, that is), at least nine of us are still around. Yes, kicking butts and strumming guitars, but without the once-favorite intoxicating beverages.

Anak-Baryo is actually a shortened reference to “Anak-baryo po kami, pero pogi naman” which we fondly called ourselves who were raised in a suburban environment. Most of us lived in a once-quiet and peaceful 12th Street in the then Nazareth Subdivision.

One usually boring afternoon, the once-dynamic and ambitious barkada members were sitting on a makeshift bench we had placed at the corner of dusty 12th and 29th streets and watched tartanillas pass by.

Then one member, Roy “Bongke” Lagunday (may his soul rest in peace), thought of placing a sign that referred to the uncontested pogi naman pronouncement. That became the birth of Anak-Baryo. Others who have moved on include Dante “Tedans” de la Serna, Jimmy “Jimbol” Jabol and Romulo “Moling” Lumagsao.

Yes, at least nine of us still see each other from time to time. We still have Oscar “Bebot” Talatala (our lifetime president), Delcisimo “Jack” Lacre, Adriano “Tata” Lumagsao, Rico “Rikipaps” Pajo, Humberto “Teddy” Ludena, Florentino “Florens” Diputado, Rufus “Intoy” Rodriguez (yes, the congressman), Jose Edgardo “Egay” Uy, and Hamilton “Puto” Bullecer.

Our music mentors Martin “Ating” Pangan, who is now abroad, and Michael “Mike” de la Serna are still very much around and we could only look forward to a minieunion with them one of these days.  Both were Tsaboro Band stalwarts along with Jinggoy Quiblat, Roy Yap, and some others whose names escape me now.

Anak-Baryo was an informal but solid neighborhood group of youngsters whose common interests included music, sports and a few (just a few) rounds of booze. Girl-watching was also a pastime, if you will.

After the originals “left town,” our younger siblings “took over” from us and until now the Anak-Baryo spirit still lives in that now noisy and busy part of the barangay.

On Tuesday, the Anak-Baryo had a brief “updating” at the residence of former congressman Rufus “Intoy” Rodriguez.

It was fun and nostalgic seeing the old guys in town again.


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