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The Oscar and Mr. Borres

Egay Uy .

NOT only is The Oscar the object of vilification and negative campaigning (even as the campaign period for local candidates is yet to commence) but also those close to him. Lately, commentaries and social media posts by trolls have accused those close to The Oscar of being his cohorts and accomplices in the never-ending accusation and persecution of being kawatan.

It is getting clearer that there is an “Oplan: Harass The Oscar” launched by people on the other side of the political fence, those who want him out of the helm of the city government at any cost.  Observers are saying it is because his accomplishments serve to highlight the inaction and ineptness of those who were in the seat of government before The Oscar assumed office in 2013.

It appears that there is no other better or best contender to the office of the mayor of the City of Cagayan de Oro except The Oscar – Mayor Oscar S. Moreno.  Since they could not put a good man down, resort is made to the strategy of also maligning those who are close to The Oscar.  But it will not work against The Oscar because those close to him have clear consciences, they categorically retort.

The accusations against The Oscar and those close to him may have boomeranged on the accusers and persecutors. Cagayan de Oro netizens have been fed up with negative campaigning, fake news, and false claims.

This may have led somebody to comment, whether done in jest or not, I don’t really know: “Kay segurado nga si Mayor Oscar Moreno na man ang modaug pagka mayor, basin ang ikaduha mao si Mr. Borres.”

I believe we know who Mr. Borres is. He could very well be the candidate for mayor and my friend, Felix Borres, who at one time, when Mayor Moreno said he was resigning if an ex-mayor won as vice mayor on May 13, said: “Aw, dili na kinahanglan mo resign si Moreno kay ako man ang modaug pagka mayor.”

Then on Facebook, somebody commented, “Kadtong dili mobotar kang Mayor Oscar Moreno, maayo pa kang Mr. Borres mo botar.” I’m sure the one who posted this is also fed up with false claims and negative campaigning.

Another post on Facebook that was shared several times compared three candidates for mayor and it appears that Mayor Oscar Moreno leads the other two by miles. The far second is Mr. Borres who can make a junked motor vehicle run again. He has in fact built a motor vehicle with two engines which according to him the LTO refused to register.

If somebody asks me why these two are being compared, I’ll be tempted to reply, “Naa ba diay lain?”

(Egay Uy is a lawyer. He chairs the City’s Regulatory and Complaint Board, co-chairs with the city mayor the City Price Coordinating Council, and chairs the city’s Joint Inspection Team.  He retired as a vice president of Cepalco.)


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