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The Pursuit

The pressures we face when we are facing an existential crisis is real. Truth be told, I’ve been feeling it the past few weeks. Thriving as a photographer for the last 6 years and working as a writer and other jobs on the side, I have come to face what I have long feared is inevitable: its time I let go of passion and move on to purpose.

Writing about passion the past few years and explaining how it fuelled the drive for me to climb the figurative ladder of photographic success, but we all come to a turning point in our life that we encounter a deep dive into reality’s abyss.

Ever since my photography days started, it was an endless quest for achievements, awards, prestige, fame, and financial gain. However, in the last few weeks of facing would be employers, they have made me realize that those chapters in life aren’t what they’re looking for.

Working freelance has given me the time to work on personal projects, reaching a certain level of know how in technicalities gave me an edge. Time is a double edged sword apparently; I have grown better in the art of photography but I have forgotten to become an employee. It may be true that photography in its own sense is a business, but being a business owner for so long we tend to see things from another perspective.

Social media is a maddening and addictive means of boosting our confidence, it can also distort our reality by being so reliant on the approval of other people.

The number of likes cannot ensure a ticket to employment, well in a way it may serve as a view point of popularity from the side of the employer but in the end, it will be your skill, attitude, how you deal with your peers, and how you handle pressure.

Without a doubt photography has taught me much, but it isn’t the only source of lessons. Photography is life, but it is never the entirety of it all.
Moving on to another chapter in your life is often times disguised as a painful end and a beautiful beginning. Photography is not everything; passion as I have understood clearly now is selfish.

Dreams are part of living but what would be the point of achieving such exploits when at the end of the day you will be alone.

and success is a book where only you can dictate how it ends, our pursuits can break us, but the moment we start facing reality it is the first step to a new direction.


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