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The Shave Bar Experience

I had my fair shares of barber shops as well as salons in the past, but never this.

I was on my StreetBy app and scanned around to look for a place to bring my raggidy hair and have it trimmed. I stumbled upon the shop called “The Shave Bar” so I scheduled for an appointment.

This is where things got a bit more interesting. When I arrived I was accommodated quickly, and sat on the barbers chair upon ariving.

As I looked and started feeling in the vibe of the place, I began questioning myself “underdress kay ko bai” but still they made me feel at home.

One thing that caught my attention was when a guy walked in with a beer, and had his hair fix. I was shocked that they allowed it, if I knew, I would have bought one myself.

What I like about the place is that they serve cold beverages while we get our manly main done.

Their service makes you feel relax after a tiring day, for only P250 you get your money’s worth.

It was my first time in this cozy place where I got a decent massage, a cold beer, and of course a very nice hairdo.

As of this writing, I am still here sipping my favorite brand of beer and 3njoying the view of CTC.

If you happen to look for a baber shop, I recommend the Shave Bar located at the Cagayan Town Center. That’s it for this review.


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