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There is dengue; there’s no water

Batas Mauricio .

AT the mythical barber shop belonging to Pedrong Kalbo, here was what they talked about:

Pedrong Kalbo: The dengue problem has really become frighteningly worse. It is said that there is now a great number of people afflicted with the disease on account of the proliferation of dengue-bearing mosquitoes.

Kardong Kidlat: You know, my friends, we have to ask. Why is it that dengue-bearing mosquitoes continue to multiply in alarming proportions? Where are they coming from in the first place?

Tiyagong Taga: Oh, well, according to the Department of Health, mosquitoes which bring dengue come from clean water stored by the people, not from the murky and dirty water we can find in sewers and waterways, and from rivers which no are no longer flowing.

Maryang Palad: Ha? And why is clean water being stored by our countrymen?

Pedrong Kalbo: Isn’t it true that there is no water flowing out from household faucets because of the inability of the water district to fulfill its duty of providing continuous water service? So that our people will have a ready supply of water for their daily use, they store water in their pails, drums, and other plastic containers.

Kardong Kidlat: So, that’s it. It is from these water containers stored by our people that dengue-bearing mosquitoes multiply their number.

Tiyagong Taga: Does that mean, it is our people storing water in plastic containers that are to be blamed for the dengue rush in the country today?

Maryang Palad: Excuse me! The only reason why our people are storing water is because there is no continuous water supply in their faucets, right?

Pedrong Kalbo: So, what this means is that, the dengue problem has taken on a very serious turn in the Philippines today because there are so much dengue-bearing mosquitoes, and that there are many such mosquitoes now because of the water stored by them after water district has not been consistently supplying them with water.

Kardong Kidlat: So, can we say then that the reason why dengue is such a big problem now is because of the inability of the water district to provide continuous water in our faucets? I wonder what the water district can say about this.


This is a loose barbershop talk, if I may so, but there seems to be a tinge of truth in it somewhere. Indeed, dengue-bearing mosquitoes come from clean water stored by the people. And our people are storing water in containers because they do not have sufficient water supply from the concessionaires.

Our question here is this: if there are no water stored in containers, will mosquitoes proliferate? What is the water district to say about this?



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