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Tourism industry needs reform

Froilan Gallardo .

KAREN Davila raised a very important factor long neglected by our tourism industry: safety. Almost all resorts and municipalities are guilty of not having a emergency medical staff and response unit. Worse, lifeguards are not trained to deal in responding to emergency cases. Add to that problem is the lack of communications and emergency evacuation vehicles.

Guilty tanan resorts ana. All they think is the money they can earn. Even hotels and resort do not have an experienced staff who know first aid.

You can check your hotel if that is not true. Please remember that when you take your vacation because all the fun will be gone if an emergency situation escalates.

There are even no decent toilet facilities in most of tourist spots and if there is, it is so dirty that your skin will cringe.

The Department of Tourism (at least, DOT-10) is going the rounds, reminding the industry players that it is not just about how to lure tourism money. They have to be pressured to put up the emergency medical facilities along with it.

If we want to attract tourism dollars, then we should level up up to international standards. We should do away with our “barriotic tourism spots.”

Karen Davila’s rage was mistaken by cyber bullies as “star complex” and that she was supposed to be out to make misery on the tourism industry in Siargao Island. These cyber bullies and some are radio anchors are mistaken. They cannot see that the rage she felt was that of an mother in anguish because her son was injured.

The tourism industry in Siargao is the culprit, not Karen Davila.


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