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Trade committee calls for ‘war on money scams’


THE city council’s trade and commerce committee yesterday called on President Duterte to declare a “war on money scams,” and on Mayor Oscar Moreno to create a task force that would go after those behind fraudulent investment schemes in the city.

AGAINST SCAMS. Councilor George Goking (left, back to camera) presides over a meeting of the city council’s trade and commerce committee yesterday morning. The committee passed a resolution to call for a “war on investment scams.” (photo by Nitz Arancon)

The committee’s chairman, Councilor George Goking, said two resolutions were approved by the panel — one for Duterte and another for Moreno.

Aside from a “war on money scams,” the Goking committee also asked Duterte to help Cagayanons recently victimized by online scammers.

“There is no such thing as easy money,” said Goking. “Any kind of scam, whether online or whatever  kind of scheme, should be stopped.”

Goking said the resolution would likely be handed to Duterte here on Sunday.

Duterte is scheduled to come over on Sunday in time for a political activity being organized by the administration PDP-Laban.

“Naka-schedule si President Duterte nga  moanhi sa atong syudad sa DomingoAtong personal nga ihatag ngadto kaniya ang atong resolution,” he said.

Goking said a group behind one online investment scheme even namedropped Duterte.

Securities and Exchange Commission regional director Renato Egypto said the name of Duterte was used to lure investors in a Facebook post about the Kabus Padato-on (Kapa) scheme.

This March 14, SEC issued a cease-and-desist order against the Kapa scheme, said Egypto, adding that the Commission has urged victims to press charges.

He said members of the committee also hope that Mayor Moreno would form a task force and immediately appoint its chairperson and members.

But Goking said he would suggest that Moreno appoint someone who is not involved in partisan politics so that the task force would not be given “political color.”


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