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Trade dept advises consumers to read, study product labels

SURIGAO City – The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) advises consumers to read and study product labels before making a purchase of consumer products.

There is a need to look into the ingredients and chemical compositions among others, if these are safe for their personal and family use, especially if they have allergies to certain elements.

It would be better for the buying public to avoid product without adequate labels and those written in languages they don’t understand like some imported products.

Labeling is a powerful marketing tool in convincing consumers to buy products. Therefore, responsible business owners are making the label information clear and relevant to the needs of consumers.

Labeling, clearly, is indispensable to consumers in the exercise of their rights to information and choice, and to business enabling them to cater to their market’s needs and to promote their products well.

But, labeling has a far more important function than merely contributing to sales; it is a double edged sword with the equal ability to misinform as much as it can provide the right information.

According to a Global Online Consumer Opinion Survey conducted by AC Nielsen in 2005, which polled 21,261 respondents form 38 countries form the Asia pacific, North and Latin Americas, Africa, and Europe, half of consumers worldwide only partially understand the nutritional labels on food packaging.

Yet, in spite of this partial understanding, 20 percent of consumers would always check labels while 40 percent of consumers worldwide would check the labels when buying a product for the first time, the Philippines coming out among the top 10 countries whose consumers would do so. pia


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