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Trump’s dangerous policies

Cesar Gorillo .

WHEN President Trump made his speech after he was sworn in as America’s new President, I viewed his speech as written by an amateur speech writer because there was nothing thought-provoking in what he was saying. In contrast to the inaugural speeches of many US President I read, they were written by the best speech writers that America could produce and after a series of revisions by different committees that dealt with foreign policies, economic plans, domestic matters and their visions for a better world where peace matters a lot.

And so when he sat as President, he made many policies which I felt were simply outrageous. One was his plan to scrap the Iran-US nuclear deal which had been ratified after so many years of negotiations to contain Iran’s dangerous nuclear program. Scrapping this would result in Iran’s unchecked plans to build a nuclear state which pose the greatest danger to world peace.

This was followed by his recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel and is now the cause of many killings by Israeli forces of Palestinians who demonstrated against this policy because part of Jerusalem is within the Palestinian claims and this plan of Trump has been avoided by many of the previous negotiators of the US being an extremely sensitive issue. Now, the conflict between Palestinians and Jews has sparked anew and this is just the beginning. Many Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces. This has also created outrage among the Arab nations many of whom are friends of the US, Saudi Arabia for one.

Then he shocked the whole trade world when he announced his plans to impose a 20-percent tariff on all steel imports to protect the US economy.  His closest economic adviser immediately resigned because he foresaw a trade war which will be disastrous to the entire world trade. As of now, China has already encouraged its more than a billion citizens to avoid American goods and this can cost billions of dollars in lost export earnings for the US.  Not only that, many factories in the US dependent on steel imports are already feeling the pressure as they will definitely pass on this additional cost to their finished products.

Mr. Trump’s propensity to scrap any agreements negotiated by previous administrations has created an era of uncertainty to the good diplomatic relationships between the US and its allies, among them the trade agreements with the rest of the world, his refusal to sign the climate change agreement previously negotiated by the best minds of the previous administration.

He has singled out certain Muslim nations whose citizens are not allowed to enter the US being suspected terrorists.  Many Muslim nations whose citizens love to go to America to study and to work such as Iran and the rest, are angered by this very racist policy.

In the domestic front, he has scrapped the Obamacare which was the law passed during the term of President Obama to sustain the health needs of US citizens in need of health assistance.   His scrapping of the privilege of millions of future immigrants to become US citizens despite the appeal of Congress leaders to give these non-US citizens the chance to apply for citizenship as practiced before has been his main mission.  These are estimated two million of these who are in danger of being deported in a matter of months.

To sustain their ire on China which has outpaced them in many fronts in the world, the US under Trump has decided to close all schools in the US established by some Chinese to teach US citizens the chance to learn Mandarin which is spoken by billions of Chinese. This,  despite the fact that in China, there are plenty of schools offering its students to learn English and they are not closed by the Chinese government.

One book has came out portraying him as incompetent and another is coming written by former FBI Director Comey labeling him morally unfit for the presidency. His sexual affairs with a pornstar has been the headlines of news in the entire world  and the investigation by Special Counsel Mueller into his complicity with the Russians to win the presidency is slowly creeping towards him and it’s a matter of time that he will be the subject of the concluding phase of the investigation. The FBI has raided the residence of his legal counsel and Mr. Trump has been responding through his Twitter anything that comes into his mind.

With disaster after disaster in terms of his policies, it’s a matter of time that this man will reap what he is sowing.


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