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Uratex visits Lanao Del Norte Hospitals to donate mattresses under its Project 50 initiative

Uratex is blazing a trail this year with one of its biggest and most significant corporate social responsibility projects. Named Project 50, the initiative is part of the leading foam manufacturer’s efforts in celebrating its 50th year in the industry. The program, which follows the motto “Thanksgiving Through Giving” is a yearlong project that involves distributing 2,500 mattresses—50 mattresses each—to 50 chosen hospitals and nursing homes nationwide. Uratex, which focuses on creating innovative mattresses and other sleeping solutions, wants to focus on honoring the people who have given them staying power in the industry by giving the mattresses to those who need it the most: the patients and the elderly.


Because of this, hospitals and nursing homes were selected as recipients by the brand because the institutions are home to individuals whose recovery and comfort are highly dependent on sleeping conditions. On a visit to the National Children’s Hospital, Uratex Executive Vice President Eddie Gallor expressed, “Our patients need more comfort because some of the hospitals we went to do not even have mattresses or foams.”


Uratex has flown to various destinations to personally give its donations to its recipients. Among them is the Gregorio T. Lluch Memorial Hospital – HEMB in Lanao Del Norte. The hospital is the manufacturer’s farthest destination yet after travelling for 500 miles. The government hospital of the city of Iligan is currently housing thousands of refugees who are in need of medical help after the siege of Marawi city.


Uratex also visited the Lanao del Norte Provincial Hospital in the town of Baroy to donate mattresses to the hospital management. The initiative is a timely contribution to the provinces that have been experiencing concerns regarding the flood of patients needing medical assistance.


Having dedicated five decades of commitment in providing Filipinos comfortable sleeping solutions, Uratex is gearing up for bigger plans for the coming years. It will be taking advantage of its proven track record in manufacturing products for various industries, such as automotive, metal fabrication, and metal and textile production.



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