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What breeding?

Rhona Canoy .

SO… Important issues of the day were overtaken. By what? By two easily recognizable related females (not deserving to be called ladies) in a catfight. In front of their father’s dead body lying in state. In front of the President of the Philippines (what he doesn’t deserve to be called is another topic altogether). In front of God and everybody. Captured on smartphones and uploaded for all the world to see.

What the hell is the world coming to? A friend commented that no amount of money can buy breeding. Actually, no amount of money can buy you something you aren’t prepared to be. I had to do some research on the backstory which led to the duel. Which turned out to be a big deal, but only for the people concerned. Some sort of marital discord which led to people taking sides, and created the rift.

With all of the scientific and technological developments moving forward at a rapid pace, human nature is speeding backwards with the same intensity. We need to figure out the whys and wherefores before humankind implodes. After all, these females are allegedly “educated” and come from “good families.” Or at least claim to have had a proper upbringing. And yet…

To behave like feral felines in the presence of other humans takes a lot of shamelessness, disrespect, and lack of consideration at the very least. Things we commonly see these days. It must be admitted that social and other media have glorified bad behaviors. People’s interest is easily captured by worthless circumstances like this. I suppose it’s the secret voyeur in us. But what is baffling is that curiosity and amusement take precedence over disgust and rejection of these behaviors. Those females are still going to be celebrities and “admired” and (sadly) emulated.

When did we become a society that cannot address personal differences diplomatically, with decency, and in private? For if this is what we have become, then all the wars and killings should no longer be a surprise to us. Oh, please. Don’t tell me these things aren’t connected. Given a chance and no intervention, wouldn’t that brawl have escalated to the point of at least one person being brought to the hospital to be treated for injuries sustained? Or someone dead if weapons were at hand?

Hatred and vindictiveness have become the norm. That’s a terrifying thought. I’m not saying that these feelings aren’t part of human nature. They are. And a basic part of animal nature as well. So now let’s talk about breeding. What is it, really? It merely alludes to one’s background, genetic and social. When was it made an assumption that if you come from a family with money and social standing then you are imbued with exemplary behavior and restraint?

True, money can’t buy you proper behavior, decency, honesty, delizadeza, and a host of other desired behaviors. There are people less financially or socially endowed who exhibit these exemplary behaviors admirably. It takes self-awareness. It takes a desire to be a better human being. It takes mindfulness. It takes consideration. It takes a lot of thought. Brain cells that work properly, that’s what it takes. Breeding only gives you genes and social credentials. It doesn’t affirm your intent to be a decent and respectable human being.

Breeding should be redefined as a conscious choice. To be decent. To be more than an animal. To know how to behave in society. But like I told a friend, you can take the girls out of the palengke but you can’t take the palengke out of the girl.


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