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‘What, me worry?’

Netnet Camomot .

MAD magazine’s August 2019 issue will be the last one to be displayed at newsstands, and there’s Alfred E. Neuman saying, “What, me worry?”

Starting September 2019, Mad can be bought only from comic shops and through subscription.

Its fall issue, however, will be the last to be published using new material since reprints will be the norm thereafter except for yearend special editions that will feature new material. In other words, Mad fans won’t exactly go mad with the magazine’s announcement.

Mad is a satirical magazine that allows its fans to see the mad side of politics, showbiz, movies, television, and any other topic in this “Mad World”: “I find it hard to tell you ’cause I find it hard to take / When people run in circles it’s a very, very / Mad world.”

I and my younger bros used to collect Mad magazines and books. But with satire now available online, does anyone still have the time to read the printed Mad?

Trees are the raw material for paper. Thus, paper usage has to be lessened in order to save those precious trees.

A scientific study, as reported by the Associated Press, has revealed that planting trees is the “most effective way to fight global warming.” Oh, no need for a scientific study. All along I thought it’s common knowledge already.

Anyway, the study’s co-author Thomas Crowther of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich said, “This is by far—by thousands of times—the cheapest climate change solution.” They’re talking about planting a trillion trees.

Human beings invented paper and plastic and look where the world is now. At least, some cities in Pinas have an exchange system for used plastic, with Valenzuela City and Nestle Philippines joining the trend with their “May Balik sa Plastic.”

The Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) quoted Nestle Philippines Chair and Chief Executive Officer Kais Marzouki as saying, “Our ambition is that none of our plastic packaging will end up in the landfill.” Used plastic can be exchanged with grocery items, and raffle coupons that have weekly draws for a P100 Sodexo gift certificate.

Nestle Philippines is already on its way to recyclable packaging by 2025.

In Cebu, there’s the Plastic Barter Store where plastic waste can be swapped with canned goods, rice, school supplies, clothing, slippers, shoes, and toys.

But does this kind of waste management include plastic people? Say, you’ll receive a true friend in exchange for one plastic person. Yay!

June 12 could have been the perfect day to declare independence from plastic people, er, plastic waste, but Phoenix gas stations had another public-image strategy to attract customers—giving discounts to those whose first, middle and last names are that of a Pinoy hero, e.g., Jose, Rizal, Melchora, Aquino, Jacinto, Zamora, Andres, Bonifacio, etc. (“Independence Day perks,” PDI, 6/12/19). So, if your name happens to be Jose and this is the first time you’ve read about this promo, well, “it’s too late, baby now, it’s too late.”

Which can’t be the same song heartily dedicated to this former Cagayan de Oro mayoral candidate who has declared he’s running for mayor again in 2022. “Try and try until you succeed,” as the saying goes. But too early, since many things—such as other wannabe mayors—can happen from now till 2022. Simply look at the present batch of city councilors for the possibilities—women’s empowerment, anyone?

The former mayoral candidate has begun to make his constant presence felt again in the city. Community service, social media, and interviews pa more.

Still, the secret is to make the voter either pleasantly surprised or miserably horrified by your last-minute announcement to join the mayoral race.

As for the incumbent Misamis Oriental governor joining the city’s 2022 mayoral race, that’s wishful thinking for his Cagayanon fans, since the governor has already expressed his support for the former mayoral candidate. If ever their team will continue to blossom until the 2022 election, their candidate will continue to enjoy the support of at least two of the city’s political parties. Oh di ba ang saya-saya. Wheee!

By the way, the governor can always run as District 2 representative in 2022. “What, me worry?” can be his mantra, too.


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