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Who’s afraid of martial law?

Jay Valleser

NO one should be. However, because of the nightmarish experience the last time we had martial law, the fear of some quarters is reasonable.

When unlimited powers are given to those whose hands are on the triggers, the fear of possible abuses becomes more valid. Martial law precedents are on the side of those who fear it. No matter whether it is for 60 days, six months or six years, it is still martial law.

Adding up to the worries is the fact that many cannot read President Digong despite being in office this long, and martial law opens up the door to all possibilities of what he might do next. This adds to the concern of those who disdain martial law.

I trust the President had the right counsel when he declared martial law in Mindanao, an idea he has floated on several occasions. But when he expressed his readiness to expand its coverage to include the Visayas and possibly the entire country, he opens himself to criticisms that he is a weak leader who needs extraordinary powers to solve and contain ordinary problems which his predecessors did without the aid of martial law.

The fear of the uncertain is the cause of fear for those afraid of martial law.

But should we not be afraid that the Marawi incident might spill over to Misamis Oriental and ultimately. Cagayan de Oro City?

Again I say, we should not be afraid of that.

Any insurrection, rebellion or any form of uprising needs a significant support of the masses to be successful. It is for this reason that the Communist Party of the Philippines, including its armed component the New People’s Army, is still fighting for the acceptance of its ideology by the masses.

The Maute group will fail in its Marawi City adventure because it does not have a mass base in that city. It cannot possibly spill over to our province because it cannot establish a mass base this short a time.

Further, facing the might of limitless military power under martial law, the Mautes dream of domination will remain just a figment of their imagination. For how long? I don’t know.


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