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Work & Play at The Foundry

There has been a growing trend in the city for shared workspace, especially for young millennials who are entering the professional world. It has also become a place where people can connect and share ideas, build connections and more.

FOUNDRY OWNERS. Jose Guingao and Alex Zeta-Guingao, Stefanie and Elroy Uta.

A shared office space (or “coworking” space) is an abstractly defined location where individuals from multiple businesses can engage in work.

Take for example the Foundry, located at the heart of Cagayan de Oro at Hayes St., it recently just opened last March 16. It offers a cozy and calm atmosphere that makes it an ideal place to do your business or simply relax and catch-up with friends.

The Common area

At first, Foundry was supposedly meant to be a Internet Café, but because of the large space available the owners Jose Guingao and Alex Zeta-Guingao, Stefanie and Elroy Uta, Alec and Angeley Zeta came to a decision to combine today’s trending business such as coffee shops, shared workspace, and internet café into one place – Thus, the Foundry was born, and it’s first of its kind.

The Foundry offers a variety of house brewed coffees created by a coffee specialist Alec Zeta of Grinders Coffee a well-known coffee brand established in 1962 in Melbourne, Australia.

The Common area

The Foundry not only offers a spacious area and delicious coffees & pastry it also has a fully furnished conference room where you can host meetings or studies for only P2,500 (consumable), printing needs, a private office for P550 (3 hours), and a Vlogger’s room where you can make your next Vlog project without being disturbed.

There are two sides to Foundry, that makes them standout, and that is its Internet Café. The café is separated in another room to prevent noise spillage that might disturb customers from the other room working.

The Foundry’s Internet Cafe.

The Café has fifty (50) desktops available equip with Intel I3 8th gen, 8gb 2666hrz RAM, 144hrz Benq monitor RL 2411p, 8th Generation ECS motherboard, Fantech 7.1 Virtual surround sound headsets, Red dragon Manyu Mechanical RGB, Logitech pro 102, and Gtx 1060 6gb personally setup by Jose Guingao (owner).

From Left, Rodney Painagan, Stefanie Uta, Alex Zeta-Guingao, Elroy Uta, Nino Mana-ay, and Rigel Thomas

So whether you’re a telecommuter seeking a change of scene, a solo entrepreneur or a Vlogger, we recommend the Foundry as your next go-to-place to hang-out with friends, meet clients, and many more – truly a great place to work and play while you enjoy your coffee.


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