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Worker struggles for life after being shot in head

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A STILL unidentified man shot a  construction worker in the head while he was walking home from a drinking binge in Macanhan, Carmen, this city, at dawn yesterday.

The victim, 27-year-old Mark Anthony Romero of Zone 9, Hilltop, Barangay Carmen is struggling for life at the Northern Mindanao Medical Center where he was transferred from the JR Borja Memorial General Hospital.

Carmen police chief Maj. Ian Borinaga said Romero was shot to the forehead by a still unidentified assailant whose motive is still unknown to investigators.

No witness has come forward as presstime.

“Gi-imbistigahan pa nato ang maong hitabo kay sigon sa asoy sa iyang asawa, wala ma man kunoy kontra ning iyang husband,” said Borinaga.

Cagayan de Oro police spokesperson Ivan Viñas said Romero had just come from his friend’s house where they had a drinking binge till 4 am. He said the victim was walking towards his house when he was attacked some 100 meters from the door

“Giduolan siya sa suspetsado ug gipusil siya,” Viñas said.

Police said they were looking into Romero’s work history, including his relationships.

The victim, who has a five-year-old child with his common law wife, used to work at a construction site in Carmen.

Meanwhile, a lone robber succeeded in stealing some P20,000 from an establishment on Corrales Avenue at around 4 am yesterday.

Viñas said the still unidentified robber barged into The  Urban Pod, roused a sleeping cashier, Michelle Factura, from her sleep, and then forced her to point to where the money was being kept.

Factura said the robber pointed a gun at her.

The victim said the man wore a tactical fatigue sweater, black shoes and covered half his face with a handkerchief.

Gregory Claro, the establishment’s guard, said he was unaware that a robbery was taking place because he was sleeping, too.

“Gikan ko nag-roving sa tibook building ug tungod sa kakapoy nakatulog ko’g ayo. Gipukaw nalang dayon ko sa cashier,” Claro said.

Claro said he was also unarmed because the security agency that assigned him there informed him that his gun was still being repaired.


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