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Netnet Camomot

THE worst dilemma for a dieter is the hotel’s breakfast buffet where, if she can make it there, she can make it anywhere. The dieter figures, it’s free! Well, not exactly free, but still…

The dieter’s slimmer figure is forgotten if the only dish in the buffet that could pass for her fish diet is the danggit bulad… Yum! Better that than the processed food in that same buffet: longganisa, corned beef, ham. And for the dieter’s dessert, bread and pastries galore.

But it’s always a nice day when her wellness coach has no idea what Yakimix is. Yehey! Happy dance! And she’s now hoping he’s not familiar with Vikings, too.

Yakimix for dinner on Monday night. O my gas. All the sushi and shrimp tempura in the world! That is, for one who’s not fond of grilling her own food, and would prefer checking out the cooked food on the buffet rather than the unidentified raw thingies: What’s that? Oh, squid. Hi, squid!

But she did try some raw thingies and asked the sis to grill them for her. Hehe.

She had heartburn after that eat-all-you-can buffet. Or what she thought was heartburn. Happy dance? Nah. Could hardly walk upon arriving at her hotel room. This was the first time this had ever happened to her–the tummy must have shrunk, thanks to the diet.

And her lower legs had cramps. Eat all she could and this happened.

Good thing she had this haplas prescribed by the orthopedic surgeon for her injured left knee. That helped ease the muscle cramps and she could finally sleep.

On the second morning, there’s the waiter asking, Coffee? Her reply: No. Hot choco? She: No. Had he remembered what she had for breakfast the last time she was there–coffee, hot choco, orange juice–he would have asked, What happened?! Well, there’s this protein shake…

The tea, aloe and protein shake are still the dieter’s best friends while on vacation. They have become a hard habit to break. On the second night, the hotel’s room service guy said there’s no way they could take the pork from the chicken pork adobo. So, she had Fiberbond to prep the tummy for the pork. And jiggers of aloe after.

And her delayed reaction arrived only after that late-night CPA dinner: Should have had the protein shake! Why the CPA?! Hmmm. Carole King has the most appropriate lyrics for that: “And it’s too late, baby, now it’s too late.” Ah, hehe.

This is a working vacation. Brought work with her. But on the third day, she still has to start working. The heart, soul, and minute brain have been merging towards that one main goal of this vacation, a goal that has been brewing in the veins since the ’80s. Yes, the ’80s. Gurs na gyud.

Work was not in the agenda last year when the tickets for this became available. But work she must insert now in-between the buffets and the window-shopping and the coughing and the injured knee and the costume that sis was planning to wear: gloves.

Yes, coughs and injured left knee while waiting for this goal to happen. Of all days and nights, dinhi pa gyud na-combine ang ubo ug injury. Oh, well. Can’t have everything.

The knee now has a knee support which she finally found while waiting for their 5:30 reservation at Yakimix. They were at the mall’s ground floor, she happened to look up, and there she saw Chris Sports which the wellness coach said sells those supports. She went up to the second floor, only to find Chris closed. Their sales staff were inside but the store had a “Closed” sign.

So, she transferred to JB Sports, only for the JB guy to tell her the sizes available were XL, too big for her. After losing some pounds, she immediately agreed: Yeah, too big for me. He suggested Toby’s where a sales staff measured her knee and gave her his verdict: XL. Yes, she went through all that trouble of going from the second floor and back to the first floor for an item that was already available at JB.

The Toby’s guy gave her this small black knee support which he said was XL. She tried it on, and she could hardly breathe in it. She looked for a beige, and he gave her this big knee support, prompting her to ask why that much discrepancy between the sizes of the black and beige? His reply: they’re different kinds. Oh. OK. Same brand, different kinds–like, she totally gets it. Haha. She tried calling the wellness coach’s mobile to seek his help, but no reply. So, she had to trust her gut instinct on this one: Go for the one that lets you breathe. Thus, beige it was. Had to choose fast–Yakimix would give her reservation to the next one if she’s not around once her name is called.

By the way, Yakimix is not spelled with yucky. But once you’re on a diet, an eat-all-you-can does feel like…


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Netnet Camomot once edited a society page and covered society stories for another newspaper. She has long been writing about the lighter side of anything under the sun, including pressing issues of the day, with a touch of humor.

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