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Katrina Acaylar Miss Cagayan de Oro 2017

For months, organizers promoted this year`s Miss Cagayan de Oro 2018 with zeal. They hung posters at local businesses, published notices in the newspapers gave recruiting pep talks all over this city it was a grueling task every year – but a fruitful one, as twelve gorgeous candidates will be facing off this coming August 25 at the atrium vying for the most coveted crowned.



In this article we would like to bring you back in 2017 where one lady conquered all the odds and won the hearts of Kagay-anons through her wits and courage.

She has not only won the crown, but was also one of the sponsors’ favorite; out of 33 awards given she won a majority of them – 14 to be exact, a not so simple task as the competition was fierce.





Katrina Laurice Acaylar is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Technology Communication Management at University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines, a native kagay-anon, who made her dreams come true through hard work and prayers.

“I’m just a simple girl who had big dreams, a girl whose dream came true by being Miss Cagayan de Oro – it was a wish come true for me and it was such a blessing dili nako ma express unsa ko ka happy throughout this journey, until now it’s hard to believe that I will be remembered years from now as one of this city’s Miss CDO along with others who came before sako,” she said.

She is beautiful and courageous, but what makes her even more intriguing is how she looks at life with a strong and optimistic view.

“My strongest personal quality is being optimistic, because although we all encounter failures and challenges in life, it’s best to have an unyielding faith that kaya ra nato ni ma lampasan. For me, I always try to look up and look at the brighter side of everything,” Katrina said.



Katrina said when she was still young her lack of confidence hindered her from doing what she loves – modeling and pageants, she recalls when she was not even in the industry yet she would see young teenagers joining and wanting to be like them but because of her doubts she was not able to. But with guidance and encouragement from people close to her. Katrina was able to break away and bloomed into a confident young lady.

“If I was given a chance of a do over, I would like to change of me being too shy. I grew up very timid, my regret siguro is not doing what I wanted to like join pageants, but kulang pak-ug confidence ato na time, but as I grew up I became more self-assured and I had faith in myself. But now it has improved because of the people na nitabang sakoa and nag hatag ug advices and encouragement, it’s because of them that I am here now,” Katrina recalls.


We all want to be happy, Katrina shares that what makes her happy is being able to make the people she loves proud.

“Making my family happy especially my parents, I am very grateful not only that it was a dream come true and it really made me even more proud winning Miss Cagayan de Oro,” Katrina said.


What defines Katrina is that she does not limit herself into doing only one thing, she doesn’t believe in stagnation, she dreams big and tries to attain it and gives 101% in anything she does and is open to change. Kind, confident and beautiful is what Katrina is and to top those exquisite traits she remains humble.


“I feel most confident when I feel beautiful, especially pag naa koy events or work, gusto ko dili lang prepared mentally but also physically. Life is very uncertain we won’t know what will happen in the future, what scares me is not being able to accomplish my dreams for myself and for my family,” Katrina said.

Adding that “I am passionate about modeling, like runway modeling and photo shoot it gives me that self satisfaction I am longing for and I will continue doing that, I dreamt of becoming a flight attendant someday, because I love to travel, and I hope one day ma achieve nako na, but for now I am appreciative of what I have, and I am happy and contented,” she said.


She admits that there are always ups and downs in life and offers advice to people who are struggling in deciding what to do next. “Have confidence and believe in yourself, everything would be alright at the end, ayaw lang ka dismaya if you fail, just get back up and try again,” she said.

“There are times in my life that I regret that I didn’t give it all in a specific moment, I can’t change that but I am improving and now I always give my 101% best in everything that I do,” Katrina said.



“When my name was called, I didn’t expect anything, as in blank, because of the announcement na ako ang ni daog, I was prepared to lose para dili sakit, kung dle man gani ako” she recalls.

Adding that “When I was crowned there are times when I doubted myself pero on the other hand I looked on the positive side niya nga ako ang representative, ako ang face and voice of the city, and also I was given the chance to promote my advocacy.”

When asked about her day to day life after she was crowned she said: “Even when I was crowned nothing really changed for me, I felt that life was still simple and normal, I have a day job, so I still go to work and just go on about my everyday life – nothing really changed for me even when I was crowned siguro mas nail-han lang,”


Advocating the preservation and protection of the environment Katrina states that she will continue on promoting even after the crowned would be past down to the next.

“I want to promote the environment through my actions, sa akong observation kulang ta ug discipline; I am urging people to stop throwing garbage bisag-asa because mo balik raman gud sa atoa. I want to help the environment in any ways I can and through Miss CDO I was able to create an impact by joining and promoting my advocacies supporting tree planting, HIV and breast cancer awareness campaigns,” she said.


“Being miss CDO 2017, I am very grateful for this blessing that God has given me, and I offer this to my family and to Him, He answered my prayers” Katrina concluded.


Photographer: Jan Billy Carl Leonardo of JB Leonardo.Photography
Make Up artist: Len-len Anaya of Len Anaya Professional Makeup Artist
Hair Stylist: Maricel Salise
Stylist: Zoe Botwin of The Style Firm by Zoe Botwin
Clothing: Mags Nationwide Mags PH

Special thanks to the following:
Limketkai Luxe Hotel venue
Cagayan De Oro TalentCenter
Mindanao Talentcenter
The House
Gean Cesar
@Honorable Gigi Go
Mags Cue



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