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Batas Mauricio

I HATE to be a killjoy but whatever is happening to the presidential candidacy of Sen. Grace Poe–like her disqualification by the Commission on Elections and her subsequent recourse to the Supreme Court–already was the center of many coffee shop talks two to three weeks before they even occurred.

I remember having heard a story about a businessman with connections with the family which was really responsible for building Makati City into the very progressive metropolis that it is today, disclosing in a dinner with his associates that, precisely, Comelec will disqualify Poe but that the high court will come to her aid and stop the poll body from enforcing its decisions.

It was from that businessman that I learned that two very economically powerful groups teamed up and are now backing up Grace Poe in her presidential run. One group has fielded one of its young leaders from North Metro Manila to act as Poe’s spokesman, while the other group has already formed a legal team to assist Poe in her behind-the-scene legal skirmishes, with the leader of this team now meeting daily with Poe and her other advisers. Both groups want Grace to win, at all cost!

There is a hush-hush report circulating that the results of a new survey showing Vice President Jejomar Binay and Grace Poe and Mar Roxas technically tied up for first place in the 2016 elections were issued in a rush to counter-act the results issued a day earlier by another survey firm showing Binay with a formidable lead over Poe and the other presidential candidates.

I was told that the spin masters of one perennially lagging candidate who have close ties with a very powerful government official frantically called up the officials of the survey firm that released the results showing Binay, Poe and Roxas in a statistical tie to come up with “something” to negate the strong showing of Binay.

My question is, is this hush-hush report true? I guess that those involved should explain what, really, is happening with their surveys, to prove to all of us that survey results are not merely fabricated to suit the desires of those who paid for them. Perhaps, survey firms should also announce that they were going to take a survey, explaining their mechanics and their subject matter before proceeding with the survey. Transparency is what they call this!

I am generally happy with the Christmas 2015 message of President Aquino in which he appeared to have talked about spiritual growth for all Filipinos, Christians and non-Christians alike. Yet he could have said more, both for Christians and non-Christians alike.

For one, a Christmas message is a message for Christians who believe and accept that Jesus is God and Savior and who therefore take time out to celebrate His supposed birth. And so, the message should have dealt with strengthening the faith on Jesus as God and Savior. But Aquino either missed totally missed this important point, or totally ignored it, for one reason or another.

For another, Aquino’s message could have also dealt with the basic tenets of the other spiritual groups that now abound in the Philippines, and called on those who have other spiritual beliefs to strengthen their faith likewise, based on their own holy books or teachings which, I am sure, also center on love, justice, reconciliation and peace.

For much too long of a time, Christmas has been defined by serious Christian believers all over the world as an act of love by God, in sending His only Son, Jesus, to the world, so that whoever believes in Him will not perish but will have eternal life.

This is great, but did you know that the real meaning of Christmas is fully explained by the Bible itself in its several verses from its Old and New Testaments? If we will only carefully read these verses, we will not fail to see that what really happened on the very first Christmas eve, was that, God Himself, whose Name is Jesus, came down from heaven in the form and in likeness of man to become the Savior of all believers.

The correct way of looking at Christmas, therefore, is this: for God so loved the world He Himself came down from heaven in the form of, and in likeness, of man, informing the world that His Name is Jesus, so that whoever believes in Him will not suffer the penalty of being burned and eaten by worms in hell for eternity, but will have everlasting life in Paradise, in the presence of God!

The biblical verses I refer to are Isaiah 7:14 and 9:6 in the Old Testament, and Matthew 1:18-25 and Luke 1:26-37, of the New Testament. A reading of these parts of the Scriptures will show us that the prophet Isaiah exactly prophesied that God Himself will come to the world in the form of a “baby boy” who, despite its human attributes, was in reality “Mighty God, Everlasting Father.”

Yes, Isaiah 7:14 and 9:6 uniformly said that this “baby boy” would be conceived and given birth to by a human virgin. But this conception and birth would both be supernaturally fulfilled, since the woman would conceive even without entering into any physical relationship with the man she was engaged to be married beforehand.

The supernatural character of this conception and birth was clarified by Isaiah 9:6 where it was emphatically clarified that the “baby boy” was going to be “Mighty God, Everlasting Father.” Indeed, it would have been the height of blasphemy for Isaiah to have called the “baby boy” “Mighty God, Everlasting Father”, if it was not true that the “boy” was indeed God and the Father Himself.

In Matthew 1:23, the Bible was careful to highlight the fact that the prophesy of Isaiah found fulfillment in the conception by Mary and her subsequent giving of birth to Jesus, evidently to leave no doubt at all that Mary was the virgin referred to in Isaiah 7:14, and that Jesus was the “baby boy” who was in reality “Mighty God, Everlasting Father.”

Yet it is evident that this truth has become hidden and virtually muddled through generations of Christian believers, perpetrated by supposed preachers and teachers who willingly (or perhaps blindly) accepted the distortion of the truth that it was God Himself who came down from heaven, setting up in the process a blasphemous distinction between God and Jesus.

God now wants this falsity corrected. He now wants His disciples and believers whom He had called, even before creation, to furiously pursue the end-time work of letting the world know the truth that had been hidden for ages, to enable mankind to know that Jesus is God and Savior, who is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit all rolled into one, because this knowledge is the only way to salvation from eternal perdition.



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