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Goats, pigs accompanied boy in his deadly, watery journey

By Nora Soriño,
Iligan City Bureau Chief
Adelfa Lachica,
and Sita Asequia,

Iligan City — The boy who went missing at the height of the Jan. 16 floods was found floating in the middle of the sea at Liangan West at Maigo, Lanao Norte along with dead goats and pigs –– floating with him.

Danilo Martinez, 43, father of Jhonder V. Martinez, 12, in interview with Gold Star Daily said it was a fisherman, fishing in the waters off the coast of a Lanao Norte town who first came across his son in the morning of Jan. 23 around 9:00 am.

The fisherman then retrieved the boy’s body and brought him ashore and alerted the residents. The military team then came and brought the boy to their residence at Zone Neptune, Suarez, this city, the father said.

The boy’s face was already bloated but still recognizable, the father added, although the skin of his arms already peeled off and he was already half naked.

Though still sad over what happened to his son, he felt relieved to have found the body after more than a week of searching. Martinez said he hired a team of retrievers, paying them as much as P1,000 each and supplying them with meals each day.


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