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Jingle maker accuses Moreno group of stealing his song

A WRITER of corporate jingles and radio ad producer has accused the group behind Mayor Oscar Moreno’s reelection campaign of stealing his intellectual property even as he cautioned against the use of the lyrics in a 2013 song that he wrote in their political activities.

Gani Capaning said he sent Moreno’s office a notice to cease and desist from using the campaign jingle “Hapsay Nga Pang-Gobyerno” about three weeks ago.

“I have gathered proof they were using it in public gatherings, and since he (Moreno) sought no permission from me as composer and copyright owner, I had to have that notice served,” said Capaning.

Capaning said Moreno’s campaign group stopped playing the jingle for a while but after two weeks, they started using in the political sorties a song adaptation of VST & Co.’s “Awitin Mo, Isasayaw Ko” using the lyrics of the “Hapsay” jingle.

He said whoever produced the new jingle probably thought that inserting a few lines of his own to my song would absolve him of plagiarism.

“The fact that the Moreno camp is now using this as campaign material is enough indication that it has passed approval. So is Moreno clueless? Of course not. He is using a song with stolen lyrics, and he knows it,” Capaning said.

The former Radio Mindanao Network disc jockey turned organizational development consultant was actively involved in Moreno’s 2013 campaign against the then reelectionist mayor Vicente Emano, and his group has claimed responsibility for the former’s “Hapsay” slogan.

“When we presented ‘Hapsay Nga Pang-Gobyerno’ in 2013 to Oscar Moreno, it was a tagline I wrote for his campaign positioning. I got to write ‘Hapsay’ jingle only after Moreno embraced it, making Hapsay a formidably strong narrative against the perceived disorder in the Emano administration,” he said.

He said that beyond the tagline, the words in the jingle were “a campaign promise that, up to this day, remains unfulfilled.”

Capaning added: “It did not fly beyond the euphoria, at a time when we thought real change was underway… The contrast in Moreno’s leadership bankruptcy with ‘Hapsay’ has now become so glaring that the letter ‘s’ should be taken out of the word. Now, that would be a most descriptive, fitting tagline.”

The “Hapsay” lyrics:

Misidlak na ang kahayag / Ti-unay nga hinatag / Tam-is nga kausaban / Gimithing kabag-uhan!

Hapsay! Hapsay nga pang gobyerno / Uban kang Mayor Oca Moreno / Kausaban, kabag-uhan / Kaayuhan sa tanan!

Dala niya ang paglaum / Sa dakbaya’ng napuno sa dag-um / Ti-unay nga pag-asenso / Sa Cagayan de Oro!

Hapsay! Hapsay! Hay! / Nga pang-gobyerno! Ho! Uban kang Mayor Oca Moreno! Go!

Hapsay! Hapsay! Hay! / Nga pang-gobyerno! Ho! / Uban kang Mayor Oca Moreno! Go! Go! Go!

Hapsay! Hapsay nga pang gobyerno! / Sa Cagayan de Oro!

Sulong, Mayor Moreno! Go! Go! Go! (hg)


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