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A very dangerous sentence

By Cesar Gorillo WHILE pursuing a lasting solution to the Mindanao rebellion involving the MILF, President Aquino suddenly rattled off the sentence, “the Armm was a failed experiment.” These were words were enough to send a very disturbing message to MNLF Chairman Nur Misuari whose efforts to negotiate a lasting ...

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Political muscle?

By Rey Zaldy Serna IN practice, what is an atheist? An atheist is just somebody who feels about Yahweh the way any decent Christian feels about Thor or Baal or the Golden Calf. It has been said that we are all atheists about most of the gods that humanity has ...

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Pass FOI Bill now

QUICK and correct action. This is the best and justly deserved path for the House of Representatives to take on the Freedom of Information (FOI) bill. Slow and wrong. This is the worst and justly reasonable judgment that Filipino voters would have of the House members, most especially of those ...

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Rivers to cross

By Butch Bagabuyo “After crossing a river, you should get far away from it. When an advancing invader crosses a river, do not meet him in midstream, it is advantageous to allow half his force to get across and then strike. If you wish to fight a battle, you should not ...

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