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A lady that inspires

Rosalinda “Linda” Marfori Picardal-Carago

Rosalinda “Linda” Marfori Picardal-Caragos, is a lumad Cagayanon born in Cagayan de Oro, on July 7, from Mom, Adelina Neri-Velez Marfori and Miguel Burgos Picardal of Iligan City.

She graduated from her elementary and high School education from St. Theresa’s College and her Bachelor of Science, Major in Management, Magna cum Laude, from the University of San Carlos, and later married a bank VP, and Rotary District Governor, RY 1997-98, Salvador “Doring”Labis Caragos, with whom they have 4 Children and 10 Grand daughters. She’s got a pair of Certified Public Accountants in eldest Melanie Rosalind, the Secretary of RC CDO East Urban, and a Anns of RC Cdo Past President and husband PAG Raymund “ Ray” Gestuveo Talimio Jr, of RC CDO, who gave her, her first three professionals apos, two doctors in Roselyn Rae and Rosamund Rae and a Asean Industrial Engineer in Rotaractor Melrose Rae.

Next is a pair of Doctors in Management with only son, Kerwin Salvador, former Interactor , is married to Past Sec of of RC of CDO East Urban, Odette Leh Valdehueza Caragos, Entrepreneur , President and CEO of Syntactics, Inc, Stephanie Rosalind P. Caragos was a Interactor and Rotaractor, a Rotex to Argentina, a Eissenhower Fellow and now, RC of Cdo East Urban’s Director for the New Generation, and the youngest, Leilani Rosalind, a Rotaractor and Rotex to Japan, is a Internist Medical Doctor, a married to a surgeon, Deaver P. Merin.

As you can see, she’s got a Rotary family with a PDG, a PAG, 2 RC PPs, 2 Spouse PPs, 2 Rotex, 4 Rotaractors and two Interactors. In the six in the family who are Rotarians, 4 are in RC Cdo East Urban, with 2 of them, Minnie and Steph , as 3rd generation Rotarians as her dad, Miguel,was a President of RC Cebu West. She works as self employed, a jewelry designer of her Rosalinda’s Jewelry, the maker of Golconda Jewels, for the past 31 years.

She has known the Rotary World since 1971, 48 years ago, when her husband joined RC in Iligan. She was Past President of Innerwheel, RC Iligan in 1973 twice President of the Rotary Anns of RC-Cdo, in 1980-82, and 2016-2017, a former PDG’s Lady in 1997-98. She joined the RC Cdo of East Urban in 2016, became its External Vice President, the year after, Pres Elect on her third year and now, its’ 29th President. She was Oro Kasandigan’s President, and Chairman for the Search of Ms Cdo for three consecutive years.

With Ikebana and Bonsai for 48 years, She represents two Ikebana Schools, the Ikenobo School in Kyoto Headquarters where she studied a year ago, and the Sugetso School in Tokyo, Japan. She served three Times as President of Ikenobo Ikebana Society of Floral Arts, CDO Chapter, and Past Vice President of Ikebana international, CDO Chapter.

She was also the Vice President of Bonsai Society, Cdo. In REACT Philippines, she was the first lady of the Region, with the call sign ,Rosegold to Region Chief, King Midas, and served as the President of DYL, the spouses of reactors, of Pineapple REACT group. She was Past Editor of Budyong of Soroptimist International and Past Auditor of Cebu Jaycerettes. With the religious organizations, she was SCA, Student Catholic Action President of St Theresa’s College and the whole diocese of Cebu in her 4th year in high School. With her husband, served as leader couple for Christian Family Movement, CFM, leader Couple of Steergo Charismatic prayer group, and in BCBP West Cdo, she was Chapter Head’s Lady of the Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals fir three years.

She was a recipient of more than a 100 Plaques of Merit and Award, including Dakilang Ina given by RC Cdo and Model Family, from Baraggay Kauswagan. As hobbies, she goes for homecrafts and Antique collecting for the Past 50 years, and a writer for the Lanao Mail and a columnist for the Sunstar under the byline, PEPtalk. She was also a contributor to RPGA golf magazine. She is a trainer in Declamation and oratory. For sports, she played golf and pelota.


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