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Ben Contreras .

LET’S talk vocabulary.
Amnesia is when Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno hits the persecution of the administration’s enemies, forgetting what her benefactor did to former Chief Justice Renato Corona.
Double talk is when in the appreciation of the same offenses, opposition lawmakers say the Lower House has a weak case against Sereno but strong against Corona.
Hypocrisy is when Sereno boastfully say she won’t resign to protect the judiciary but she did nothing to protect Corona.
Missing the target is when the Department of Interior and Local Government opts to file charges against Boracay executives but keeps silent on the irresponsible DENR officials. Ah… the “Mafia” within is really that strong and well-organized, eh!
Wastage is when government spends money to investigate the poll fraud every Juan de la Cruz already knows about.
Magic is when hundreds of truckloads of quarrying materials are reported and mountains are flattened, making some people super rich — they can now afford to buy heavy equipment worth hundreds of millions yet they pay the city government a measly P7 million only.
Selective criticism is when you call an enemy thief but you are silent on a friend’s same offense.
Audacity is when one accuses the other of things the accuser is guilty of.
Shamelessness is when you borrow something and intentionally forgets about it.
Irony is when you shout and demand for freedom of speech but tells someone to stop because you differ in opinion.
Betrayal is when a leader wants this and the followers want that.
The Cagayan de Oro Press Club just installed a new set of officers led by Mr. Ruffy Magbanua. Surprisingly, the new set of officers gave me the impression that a coup just occurred. Perhaps, I just didn’t have the list of the old set of officers and I got the wrong impression. Just the same, let me congratulate them all and wish them success in ushering a new style of stewardship.
Magbanua has a great challenge ahead. There are tales that we heard and stories that we know of. The new president can’t be unaware of all these. That makes the challenges seem insurmountable.
There is a need to review the role of media in a society, their responsibilities and their supposed covenants with truth and decency.
Media have taken a different role all over the world. When they are supposed to be the purveyors of truth, they now moonlight as purveyors of lies, too.
Magbanua must swallow the bitter pill of confronting these maladies or get swallowed.
Good luck to you all and never forget: history will judge you.


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