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Kikang the enabler

By Farina Roa
Team OKKA .

First part

THE simplicity of Cagayan de Oro City Vice Mayor Raineir Joaquin “Kikang” Uy loudly speaks of his character of humility, sincerity, and leadership.

At 33, he has been consistent in his intention to serve. His family understands his calling to serve the people of Cagayan de Oro and as they continue to support him in his endeavors as a public servant. He raises a family of four – with his lovely wife Dr. Hochille Mae Bongcas-Uy, who bore three sons, namely Roarkie, Rhakkou, and Raikkin. Vice Mayor Kikang spends most of his free time bonding with his children and wife. His conviction and faith in the Almighty pushes him to serve Kagayanons the best way possible.

Vice Mayor Kikang’s formative years as a child and teenager were spent at Kong Hua School. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Economics degree at Xavier University, and he also took up Law in the same academic institution. In his desire for continuing education, he aims to finish and take the bar as soon as his schedule permits him – provided that his public service is not compromised.

In 2007, he was appointed as the administrator of Barangay Carmen. Two years later (2009), Kikang was appointed as congressional consultant in the House of Representatives, and took charge of the affairs for the Joint Congressional Oversight Committee on Solid Waste Management.

The youngest son of Rep. Rolando “Klarex” Uy and barangay captain Lorna Velez-Uy, Kikang has been exposed to politics at a young age. Before he became vice mayor, he served as a barangay kagawad in 2013-2016. He has contributed to the development of Barangay Carmen through his environment advocacies. In those years, he was the incident commander of the Carmen Rescue Team (Carest).

In 2017, Vice Mayor Kikang was recommended by former Sen. Aquilino “Nene” Pimentel Sr. to participate as a scholar for a two-week course on Federalism and Power-Sharing, organized by the Hanns-Seidel Foundation. This was held at Innsbruck, Austria for the 1st week, and at Bolzano Italy for the 2nd week. The course was designed for participants from all nationalities who wish to broaden their knowledge of federalism, climate change adaptation, and multi-level governance.

In spite of being in a better position in life, Kikang has remained grounded in service for the people. His youth is a factor that makes him ahead of the others. His idealism allows him to explore new and better things that address problems in the city. He talks less but his intentions and actions speak louder.

His first term (2016-2019) as vice mayor marked a milestone of policy development through sectoral assessments. Now on its 121st regular session, the 18th City Council through the leadership of Vice Mayor Kikang approved a good number of policies that are vital for various sectors in Cagayan de Oro.

He enables the 18th City Council to serve others through policy development; he enables the local chief executive and various departments to implement the approved policies; and he enables Kagayanons to help each other by promoting citizen participation in different sectors. In the words of Vice Mayor Kikang, “Tabangi ko nga matabangan mo!”

(Farina Roa is a policy consultant of the vice mayor.)


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