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We are all driven by different motives on why we want to pursue or practice photography. Self improvement, a past time or a hobby, financial opportunities, fame and glory, or just plain old fun, it’s different strokes for different folks. One of the purposes of photography was to create a lasting image of a subject. And by experience, we could never tell how time will treat us, and thus our photographs are a testimony of things that once was.

Piduan Curtain Falls in Misamis Occidental. Photo by Glenn Palacio.

Have you ever looked back at your photos on your phone, tablet, or computer and just have a trip down memory lane? Photos gain a significant amount of value as time passes by. Streets, buildings, tourist destinations, people, and even yourself are not exempted to change. It is best that we store our photographs in multiple locations (backing up the back up is a must!) so that we can have this piece of mind that 10 to 20 years from now, we can look into our files and see how we’ve grown in the art of photography.

Subanen people in Concepcion, Misamis Occidental. Photo by Glenn Palacio.

Not everyone realizes this but our photographs in this day and age has a great part in our life. Occasions such as birthdays, weddings, debuts, reunions, or just even a simple get together are better off with photographs with the people around you. It makes me sad knowing that some newly-wed couples didn’t have a good photograph of their wedding because they couldn’t afford a professional. Photos of the intimacy, interaction, and emotions are what makes a photograph powerful.

It’s never about the editing / post processing, but the story behind each picture perfect moment that makes it great.

Building a substantial portfolio isn’t easy. In order for us to get a job or gig, we often have to cast away our ideals for the sake of an image. It may just be the spur of the moment, but it is the reality that photographers often take just to be relevant. But how do others stay relevant? Awards, recognition, rubbing shoulders with the A list of personalities, stacking up a great following of fans, or just become famous. However, not all stories and photographers prefer to be under the spotlight.

To some, the happiness of the people that were photographed and have seen the output is enough. There is this contentment inside which no amount of money can ever pay when we are appreciated with the work that we’ve done. How would you want to be remembered? A great photographer or a selfless human being?

Our journey in photography started somewhere and is strengthened even more. To me, it was my parents. Photographs of family that my mother would keep in her stash, made me realize that photographs are needed to hand down a part of person’s past to the next generation. Human beings are nostalgic creatures, our memories will fade at some point. And what better way to remember, but through photographs.


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