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Netnet Camomot .

“BUILD, Build, Build” for infrastructure. “Green, Green, Green” for public open spaces.

President Rody Duterte’s administration obviously loves to emphasize the word it’s trying to impart for more impact. Hopefully, there won’t be Tax, Tax, Tax in addition to the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (Train) which now has Train 1, Train 2, is there a Train 3?

It’s beginning to look a lot like a series of movie sequels. Rambo 1. Rambo 10. Rambutan. To infinity and beyond!

But Train is a good tax reform. It’s less complicated as long as you’re not buying a luxury car which has an excise tax that’s also to infinity and beyond.

There seems to be a deliberate campaign, though, to stop Train. Why can’t Duterte’s critics give this new tax reform a chance? Yes, prices are increasing, my body weight may also be increasing, until we will all morph into Mocha Uson and wail, This. Is. The. Last. Straw.

Or what the yellows love to call as, Tama na! Sobra na!

Palitan na? Ang alin? My fats? But these fats are like leeches—they cling. So touchy-feely.

As for ACTS-OFW party-list Rep. John Bertiz, however, it’s more like feelingero. It has been standard operating procedure (SOP) for a beleaguered politician to be hospitalized for an illness. Makes the Pinoy wonder if Bertiz’s confinement for chest pains was also part of that SOP.

The madlang pehpohl, upon learning about Bertiz’s illness, probably had this thought bubble: Alam na!

Politicians should stop using hospitals as their preferred sanctuaries once they’re in trouble. It’s unfair to the politician who’s indeed truly sick and needs hospital confinement.

Still, perhaps what Bertiz called as his “monthly period” was too much to bear for him. Any woman has been there, done that. Relate na relate.

Viral videos may help their “stars” reach fame or infamy, and then win in the midterm election next year. Senators Uson, Bertiz, Drew Olivar—que horror?

Did any of the 1986 People Power heroes ever expect Tito Sotto to become Senate President? Yup, anything is possible. Viral video today, senator next year. Yay. So, Uson is correct in ignoring surveys. Keber.

The television game show, “Family Feud,” is fond of surveys, and here’s a suggestion for the Pinoy version. Top Five answers on the board. The most corrupt Pinoy presidents. Hmmm. If former President Ferdinand Marcos is Number One on that list, his loyalists won’t like that at all.

So, let’s change the list to the Top Three Favorite Foods of Pinoy Politicians. No. 1: Balimbing. No need to explain. No. 2: Ampalaya. For bitterness. No. 3: Meat. Crocodiles love meat.

Every Pinoy has the right to run for any political position in Pinas, be it sitting, standing, squatting, and each Pinoy also has the right to question the right of a political candidate to run.

Haist. Kadaghan ba sa rights oi.

If you’re now hopelessly confused about rights, there’s the victory of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh over sexual-assault and -harassment allegations that some Americans thought would halt his chances at being confirmed.

Some people must have feared for the Kavanaugh case to become a precedent for future allegations, thus, the successful attempt to confirm him anyway.

Every political maneuver should be previewed from all angles. What the madlang pehpohl can see may not be the same as what’s obvious to the political strategist whose only wish is for his candidate to win.

We, ordinary mortals, are not privy to the secrets that politicians would rather keep among themselves, so, we end up doing kapit-bisig at Edsa for the 1986 People Power, and doing kapit-bisig again at other rallies that wanted to copy the success of that first People Power.

Meanwhile, politicians are laughing their tonsils out, amused by the Pinoy’s gullibility.

But this happens also in non-political settings that have been contaminated with politics a.k.a. the power-hungry spectacle among self-proclaimed gods and their minions. Gods who crave to be relevant forevermore and will do anything to keep their godfather status intact as they steer the future of their kingdom by ensuring only their anointed mini-gods can occupy the loftiest throne in that tiny world where they can be revered as gods. So tiny it’s not even one percent of the Philippine population. Nor one percent of that one percent.

Power intoxicates those who crave for applause and recognition even if they’re now considered as the has-beens in their teeny weeny kingdom. Because that’s the only place where they’re known. Pathetic, eh? Put them outside of their teeny weeny world and they morph into unknowns. That’s when they’ll ask the clueless, Do you know who I am? And all they’ll get is a blank stare from the clueless.

Popcorn, Popcorn, Popcorn should be the Pinoy’s mantra. That’s what he will crave for as he watches these power-grabbing scenarios.


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