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Signifying Beauty and Brains for Cagayan de Oro

Souarthizae Aynouzscia Ganares Violon a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies at Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan, hailing from Don Carlos Bukidnon, will be this year’s Mutya ng Pilipinas representative of Cagayan de Oro.


“I am an open person, open to new experiences willing to learn new things &I  enjoy venturing beyond my comfort zone to seek out new, unconventional and unfamiliar experiences, like  travelling to new destinations, embracing different cultures and practices,” she said.


“It is nerve wracking but I feel excited and proud that I’ll be representing my city Cagayan de Oro in a National Pageant along with all the beautiful ladies from different places.


“I expect the ladies to be kind and understanding and to be a role model not just to the audience but also to me and  other fellow competitors,” she said.


“In preparation for this competition, since I can’t hit the gym for some reasons, I mentally prepared myself for the outcome of the pageant that whatever happens, win or lose ill accept it humbly,”  She said.


“Cagayan de Oro has always been rising and progressive especially in terms of economic dynamism, infrastructure, and on top of that it is a government efficient city. Kagay-anons has and will always be competitive and resilient as well as having driven mindset that is bound to do something great. Therefore, being a Kagay anon in heart and in soul that I am am so proud of, is the most valuable asset that I’ll be bringing in the competition,” Souarthizae said.


“Our resiliency is actually a result of our unity and because of that I would like to appeal for my fellow Kagay-anons to please be with me in this journey. I may not be able to hear & see you in flesh but I will stand proud on that stage, because I know I am the Kagay-anon that you are. To my family, friends and to all Kagay-anons, I will do my best in representing our city. Once a kagay anon always a kagay anon,” She concluded.


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