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Awol public teacher dismissed from Deped


The Schools Division of Cagayan de Oro has dropped a master teacher II from the rolls of teachers for his continued absences since last year without filing for leave.

Schools Division Superintendent Elena B. Borcillo identified the teacher as Cornelio B. Salvaloza, Master Teacher II of City Central School.

In her single-paged order, Borcillo cited that records showed Salvalosa have been absent without approved leave since Nov. 25, 2016 to Jan. 31. He failed to report for work to the detriment of the learners, the order reads in part.

She added that Salvaloza failed to report for work despite several notices and a Return to Word Order issued by his school head. By failing to report for work, Borcillo said, Salvaloza defied a lawful order from his superior.

“A show cause order dated July 20 received by your end on July 4 was issued directing you to answer in writing and under oath why you cannot be dropped from the rolls for your continued absence. Instead of meeting the issues head-on, a lawyer answered in your behalf alleging that the commencement of the administrative complaint is highly irregular and violative of the Rules of Procedure in administrative cases as it is tainted with grave abuse of discretion amounting to lack or excess of jurisdiction. In response, this office argued citing provisions of law as the basis of our action and reiterates the submission of your comment which you continue to ignore,” Borcillo’s order reads.

Borcillo also based her order on thirds endorsement of the Department of Education Regional Director Allan Farnazo, dated May 25, and by provision of the Civil Service Laws.

She decided to drop Salvaloza from the Rolls of Teachers of Schools Division of Cagayan de Oro.

“Sec 63. Effect of Absence Without Approved Leave. An officer or employee who is continually absent without approved leave for at least 30 calendar days shall be considered as absence without official leave and shall be separated from the service or dropped from the rolls without prior notice. He shall, however, be informed at his address appearing to his 201 files of his separation, not later than five days from its effectivity,” Rule XVI of the Omnibus Civil Service Rules and Regulation reads.

Borcillo also noted on her order that she contacted Salavloza through his cell phone. She said Salvaloza replied that he was out of town.

This paper also tried to contact his cell phone number for comment but Salvaloza was not returning the calls

Salvaloza is the teacher that filed a string of cases against local school officials at City Central School before the local court and Office of the Ombudsman for criminal and administrative cases.

The copy of the order was also sent to the Civil Service Commission-10 and Deped-10.


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