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Customize your footwear with BlackOut

Why purchase something off the rack when you can customize it to fit your personality.

Januarios Lagbas

Personalizing your footwear to reflect your personality has never been easy. But thanks to BlackOut’s unique concept, it gives us the possibility to make our own fashion statement we can now choose the color of our straps, mix & match them to your preference, slippers wearing off easily. Well, we found a wonderful and affordable solution. Blackout Footwear provides a range of colors and unique combinations making it versatile for almost any outfits. 

Januarios Lagbas and wife Genevive.

The company mainly focused on delivering fashion in a unique yet trendy manner. Besides being one of the most fashionable sandals in the market, it is also one of the most durable sandals that never fail to deliver comfort, anti-slip surface, and made with high-quality rubber making it a durable product that would last longer compared to others.

Not only it is waterproof, but it also has no water absorption which makes it wearable both rain or shine, lightweight and amazingly flexible. The brand originated from Bangkok, Thailand and is distributed all over the globe. Meanwhile, here in the Philippines it is exclusively distributed by Januarios Lagbas and his wife Genevive in March 2018 online and opened its standalone store at the ground floor of Gaisano City, Cagayan de Oro in November same year.

BlackOut straps

“We wanted to start a business that is unique and dili kaayo tight ang competition. BlackOut was an ideal brand to bring to the Philippines because so far wala pa-kaayo koy nakita nga inani gyud ka-customizable and so far okay ang pag accept sa mga tao,” Januarios

BlackOut Footwear standalone branch located at the Ground Floor of Gaisano City.

I recently had my pair of Blackout slippers and so far it’s performing well especially now the rainy season has kicked in. The soles have a nice grip on wet surfaces; there are no squeaking sounds when wet; it doesn’t splash my calf while I walk and fits perfectly.

BlackOut Straps and soles.

What really made the product interesting to me was the possibility that the straps can be changed anytime I want at home and slip another one with ease. It’s also economical because you won’t need to buy the entire pair once it’s broken because you can easily replace the damaged part with a new one.

Januarios said “Kani man gud nga sandal, kung imo lang tan-awon bug-at siya, pero once na imo nang gamiton gaan siya ug mo-sunod gyud siya sa shape sa imong tiil ug lig-on kayo ni siya.”

Adding that “Lain-lain ang size ug tiil sa usa ka tao, mao ning naka tsada ani kay pwede gyud nimo siya ma-customize to fit your feet perfectly. Dili lang colors ang pwede nimo ma change, apil sad ang sole ug unlike sa uban kong unsay naguba strap or sole ba-kaha, mao rato imohang ilisdan,” he concluded.

BlackOut offers a wide range of flip-flops, sandals, slippers for your customization fun!

 It’s a trendy casual footwear great for both men and women (and yes, kids too). To know more about BlackOut Footwear visit them today at the G/F Gaisano City. Outside of CDO? No worries, you can order online contact them at 0956-063-1482; email them at, and follow them on their Facebook page @BlackOutPhilippines.    


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